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Welcome to our Work at Home Newsletter. Here you will find helpful articles, tips and advise on working from home as a Virtual Assistant. Plus some work at home job leads too!
4 Steps to Becoming a Virtual Assistant
1.  Set up a Home Office.
This should consist of your computer, printer, internet connection, some type of desk and other equipment. Try to
situate this in a private, distraction free room. If you do not have an extra room, at least situate it in the least used room where you can work with the least distractions. You could also put up a privacy screen to partially block in the area.
2.  Identify Your Skills.
This will help in determining what type of job you will be able to apply to.  What has been your primary work / job experience? Customer Service, Administrative, Transcription, Sales, Graphics, Technical?  Whatever your previous skills were, you can turn this into a 'virtual' position.
3.  Create a Resume That Reflects Your Skills.
Your resume will be the first thing that an employer sees, so it is important that it reflect your job skills as it pertains to the job you are applying to.  Be sure to write a clear objective about the type of work you are seeking and tie your job skills into this by listing them at the top most part of your resume. If you are going for more than one type of job, be sure to create a resume for each.
4.  Find a Job.
This will be the hardest part. You should visit all the job boards you can and perform various searches to locate jobs that you can apply to. You can use keywords on most of the job boards to narrow your search. This can take up a large amount of time so it is suggested that you do this on a day when you have several hours or the entire day to concentrate on this.  You will have to weed through quite a bit of scam jobs, so just be aware that these exist and can sometimes look like a real job. (More about avoiding scam jobs will be in an upcoming newsletter.)  Apply to each job using your resume and make a note of the job you applied to for reference purposes. You will need to do this each week as new jobs are posted on the internet.
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2010 Special Earnings Report
Want to know which field is earning what type of revenue in the virtual assistant area? Brenner Books offer special reports that offer you an insight into what is being charged for services in a variety of 'virtual assistant' professions.
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About the Author:  Belinda Stringer, founder of, established a private VA community and
scam free job board in February of 1999. Her previous background was in the staffing industry as a staffing
agent, recruiter and operations manager.
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