The Effects of “White Matter” in the Brain
When it comes to aging, most of us focus on minimizing decline – slowing memory loss, bolstering sight and hearing, and doing whatever we can to minimize the degradations that come with age. Stanford Center on Longevity Faculty Affiliate Michael Greicius, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, takes a different approach.
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Center on Longevity Seed Grant Explores the Mind-Body Linkage of Tai Chi
Studying the brains of tai chi masters may shed light on diseases of the young and the symptoms of the old. Faculty Affiliates Jessica Rose, Scott Atlas, and Gary Glover used their Center on Longevity seed grant to join with Stanford University-Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for a study that examined the ability of tai chi masters to control normally autonomous functions through concentration.
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Health Care Reform – Public Support and Personal Costs
Access to healthcare has been a hot topic in the news, but when the public is surveyed do they understand what health care access means for their personal finances? With the help of a Center on Longevity seed grant, Faculty Affiliates Dan Kessler, Professor in Management, Graduate School of Business and David Brady, Professor of Political Science and Leadership Values, investigated how knowledge of the personal cost of healthcare reform affects consumers’ decisions to support specific reforms.
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