LIFE - Preventing Disability through Exercise and Social Engagement
The aging of the baby boomer generation sets the stage for a potentially unprecedented number of Americans facing risks of functional impairment and disability associated with aging. Exercise and social interaction have offered hope in helping elders maintain normal function, but now researchers are considering whether they may also help stave off disability.
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Center Affiliate to Direct New Stanford Center for Rehabilitation Research
Scott Delp, Professor of Bioengineering and of Mechanical Engineering, is the director of a new national center for rehabilitation research at Stanford. The center will focus on using powerful software that simulates human movement to investigate movement disorders and identify the best treatments for patients.
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First U.S. Baby Boomers Turn 65 This Year
Over the next twenty years, the number of older people will double from 40 to 80 million. This population shift will affect all aspects of our lives and will concern young and old alike. Learn more about these critical trends in New Realities of an Older America: Challenges, Changes and Questions. Adele M. Hayutin, director of the Center’s Global Aging Program, is lead author of the report.
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