Myths & Realities of an Aging Society
In an insightful lecture encompassing policy choices, predictors of disability and the significance of Whistler’s Mother’s age, health care economics expert John W. (Jack) Rowe stresses the importance of preparing for a society with more walkers than strollers.
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Are People Happier as They Grow Older?
Center on Longevity director Laura L. Carstensen discusses the “best-kept secret about aging” with CBS News. Uncertainty looms large early in life but dissipates with age, says Carstensen. “Then, people focus on the present, live in the moment – stop and smell the roses – and that tends to be really good for mental health.”
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Looking Forward from the Census
Many think the United States is in trouble because of aging baby boomers. Center on Longevity economist Adele Hayutin challenges this conventional wisdom. The country is better off than other large economies, she writes, but elected officials must prepare to make the most of the opportunity.
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