Alzheimer's and Estrogen
Is there a "window of opportunity" in a woman's life when hormone replacement therapy could help protect against Alzheimer's Disease? The Stanford Center on Longevity is teaming with the Stanford Center for Neuroscience in Women's Health to explore this complex relationship.  
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Breaking the Mold on Collaboration
With innovative consensus conferences, the Stanford Center on Longevity uses an informal format to bring experts together by interests, not disciplines. Freeing participants from a battery of slides frees them from rote thinking and can drive new approaches to research.  
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Viewing the Middle East through a Demographic Lens
Broad trends characterize the Middle East as a whole. But starkly different population characteristics and trajectories often exist side-by-side in neighboring countries, and pivotal, dramatic changes are in store over the next 20 to 40 years.
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