March 2010

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March Updates from MAHPERD

Greetings from President Chris Standefer

Last week I was fortunate to be able to attend the Eastern District Association meeting in Rye, NY.  As with any travel done in February my trip was not without snags.  I spent the night in the Detroit Airport and on the way back I ran into a snow storm that caused some headaches for me.  Nonetheless I made it to and from the conference in one piece and was grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference.

As I was traveling I had time to think about the presentations at the conference and think about our association.  I had many opportunities to talk with other state presidents and as I talked with them I realized just how special each of the members of Maine AHPERD are.  Regardless of the weather and difficult economic times our members are some of the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  My hat is off to each of you as you do what you do each day.

During the conference I had the pleasure of sitting in on the professional recognition ceremonies.  EDA has an award called the "Acknowledgement Award".  This award is given to a person who has been an inspiration to someone else in the district.  Anyone can nominate any person who they feel has been instrumental in their professional life.  Needless to say I was very impressed with this idea.  We all have those people who have inspired us, encouraged us, and in some way helped us in our professional growth.  I realized that the idea of a Maine AHPERD "Acknowledgement Award" is something that we should have as well.  Personally I could give this award to a dozen or more people and I know each of you could name as many or more yourselves.  Next week is our Executive Board meeting and I am preparing a proposal to develop our own "Acknowledgement Award".  As the proposal moves forward I will keep you informed and it is my hope that at our conference in November we will have a public way to say "thank you" to those people who are so very important to us.

Take care and "keep on keeping on" in all that you do.

mahperd logo  AAHPERD National Conference

AAHPERD National Conference and Expo will be held in Indianapolis March 16th -20th AAHPERD will be celebrating their 125th Anniversary with tons of special events planned. "Strength Through Partnerships" is the theme of the convention. For more information click on the Maine AHPERD logo above.

Message From The Executive Director

What an interesting winter we have had so far. Not a good year for snowshoeing or other winter sports in our classes, at least at this end of the State! I keep telling my friends in the DC/Baltimore area that they are having a Maine winter. For some reason they are not amused.


Several of the MAHPERD Executive Board members, President Chris Standerfer, Council for Services Stacy Hood, President-elect Jayne Chase and myself headed off to the Eastern District Conference in Rye, NY. While we were there, they got a foot of snow! Go figure. Our Outstanding Future Professionals (OFP), Trevor Hews from UMPI and Kelly Damboise from UMF were honored at the Representative Assembly and the Awards Banquet. Students from all over the Eastern District joined them. Congratulations to Trevor and Kelly as they made us proud. They took advantage of all the student activities as well as sessions and still got their lesson plans done! Gene White was elected President-Elect for EDA!


These are trying times for all of us with budget cuts, staff cuts, reduction in classes and the list goes on. We must remain positive and upbeat and do all that we can. There is no better time to advocate for our profession than the present. Know that MAHPERD has a strong Advocacy Committee, and we continue to work to preserve and enhance the respect and credibility our profession deserves. One of the best things you can do is to find out who represents you in Augusta and email or call them to voice your opinion about how important health education and physical education is to our students.


Our National Association is also going through some major changes. The National Girls and Women in Sports may possibly be dissolved. For many of us that coached in the 70's, the NAGWS Sport Rule Book was our guidebook. We couldn't wait for it to be printed so we knew the latest rule changes in field hockey, basketball, volleyball and other sports. There is a movement going to collect signatures and donate money to keep it going. We collected $500. in one evening at EDA. Let me know if you are interested in signing on or donating. Our Health Association, AAHE is also considering leaving AAHPERD. Many changes coming and too numerous to mention plus I will have much more information when I return from AAHPERD's conference in Indianapolis.


Thanks for all you do in your classrooms and offices as you do make a difference one child at a time.

Stay well and be fit,

Jo Dill

Executive Director


Mark Your Calendars - ACES Day is Coming

The Maine Governor's Council on Physical Activity is pleased to once again be sponsoring Project ACES, All Children Exercising Simultaneously.  On May 5, 2010, you are invited to join others across Maine, as well as around the globe, in a 15-45 minute session of fun physical activity with the students in your school.  ACES Day highlights the benefits of being physically active for kids of all ages and encourages it as a lifelong fun habit.

To register your school for the event, go to At our website you can also find more information on the event and download our resource manual which contains everything you need to know about holding an ACES event including a list of possible activities, ideas for contacting the media, reproducible posters and handouts, and much more.

With Maine's unpredictable weather, make sure to make alternate plans for an indoor event should it rain.

At the conclusion of the event, please make sure to go back to the website and report your participation numbers.  This helps us to keep track of the success of this event and lets us know what impact we are making to keep Maine people active.  In 2009 we had over 36,000 participants - you can help us make that number grow.  All those completing the online participation form by May 26 will be entered into a drawing to win incentive prizes for their school.

For more information, contact Diane Campbell at 622-7566, ext. 230 or

5th Annual Comprehensive Sexuality Education Conference

To Register and For the Conference Brochure

Featuring World's Leading Expert on Effective Sexuality Education
 Keynote Speaker Doug Kirby

"Sexuality Education: What Really Works!"
Thursday, April 8, 2010
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Augusta Civic Center
Augusta, ME
Lunch provided
Inspiration! Skills! Resources! Networking!
Early Bird Discount $40 per person before March 19th!
After March 19th - $50 per person 
$35 for each additional person from the same organization.

Sponsored by: Family Planning Association of Maine, Maine Department of Education, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention, an office of the Department of Health and Human Services, New Beginnings, University of Maine at Farmington, and Maine Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance.

 Looking for Exercise DVD's
Denise Preiser is looking for information: Does anyone know of any great exercise DVD's that they can recommend? I would need the title and purchasing information.  These will be targeted for middle school students to use in classrooms or to check out at home.  Hip Hop dance, yoga, step aerobics, aerobics, tae bo, pilates, jump rope tricks, etc.  I really don't want to purchase and find out they are not very good or inappropriate for middle school age.

65th MAHPERD Annual Conference
November 7-9, 2010

Things you should know about the upcoming conference:
1.     AAHPERD President Vicki Worrell will be with us to bring greetings as well as present. She has never been to Maine!
2.     YOU MUST use the Samoset form again this year to reserve a room. It will be out in April.
3.     Meal prices have stayed the same; rooms have only increased $2. per room.
4.     John Thompson from US Games will be here to present his activity sessions all three days.
5.     It's MAHPERD's 65th Anniversary and we have invited all Past Presidents to join us.
6.     If your school won't pay, start saving your money, as this will be an awesome festive, power packed conference!
7.     Remember that MAHPERD has $100. grants available to help defray the cost.
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