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February 2012
Spring is just around the corner, and at Occuscreen we are anxiously awaiting it! It is a good time to do some 'spring cleaning', update your policies, make some changes and ask those questions you have been thinking about all year. If you have questions about compliance or services, or need to make changes to your account, please contact us!
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FCRA Guidelines for Disclosure and Release Forms


If you are using a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) such as Occuscreen for your background screening, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires you to have a signed Disclosure and Release Form from the applicant allowing you to check their criminal history.

Below is some additional information about the disclosure from the FCRA: 

  • It should be clear, conspicuous and in writing.
  • It should not be a part of the printed application. It must be a separate document that consists solely of the disclosure.  
  • It should be provided when the applicant applies for the job or commences employment.
  • It may be a blanket disclosure permitting screening for the duration of employment.
  • The Disclosure and Release Form should be kept on file for 5 years.  

If you have questions about Disclosure and Release Forms, please contact us!

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Speeding up Results on Your Criminal Background Screens


Please see below for a few tips which can help ensure speedier background screen results, for Occuscreen clients:


When faxing in your disclosure forms/orders:

  •  Make sure the Disclosure and Release form is complete and will be legible when faxed. 
  • Confirm the social security number, driver's license and date of birth to ensure accuracy.  
  • Confirm the company information (client name/phone number) on Disclosure and Release Form is up-to-date.
  • Send pages 1 and 2 to Occuscreen - Fax to 877-464-5656.
  • Make sure appropriate boxes are selected to indicate which services you are requesting.
  • Be sure the Disclosure and Release has been signed by the applicant.

For online orders:

  • On the order summary screen verify that the applicant's DOB and SSN have been entered correctly
  • The applicant's name should be entered as last name, first name. 

Please contact us with any questions!
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Drug Test Advisory Board Recommendations Approved

Intercept Photo
Speaking of oral fluids, the Drug Testing Advisory Board's (DTAB) recommendations for drug screening changes were approved by HHS and SAMHSA last month. The recommendations were:
Based on review of the science, DTAB recommends that SAMHSA include oral fluid as an alternative specimen in the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing.
DTAB recommends the inclusion of additional Schedule ll prescription medications (e.g. oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydropcodone, hydromorphone) in the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace

What does this mean for you?
If you are regulated by DOT, you will see changes coming upon DOT approval, as far as the option of using oral fluids, and the inclusion of synthetic opiates, although DOT takes some time to approve after the recommendations. (Possibly years.)

If you are not regulated by DOT, this recommendation confirms the validity of oral fluids drug testing as a option to urine or hair follicle specimens. These options are best chosen depending on specific factors such as detection window requirements, collection site availability, price point, ease of use, etc.

This is also an excellent reminder to add synthetic opiates (such as oxycodone) to your drug panel if you have not done so yet. As we noted in our last newsletter, synthetic opiates are now the number two substance causing positive results in employment drug testing, just behind marijuana. A standard panel which includes opiates will not test for these substances. Synthetic opiates must be added to your drug panel.

If you have questions about oral fluids screening or synthetic opiates, please contact Occuscreen at:
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Email: [email protected]

Please let us know if there are questions or areas of interest you would like us to address in future newsletters, or if you are interested in partnering for employment screening.


Pamela Mack


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Q.E.D Instant Alcohol Test - Special Price!

QED Photo 

Occuscreen has a limited supply of Q.E.D.®Instant Oral Fluid test kits available at $7.00 ($1.00 discount per kit) plus shipping, with no minimum order.

This supply has an expiration date of January 2013.  If you have been interested in trying this instant pre-screen for alcohol, or use them regularly this is an opportunity for you.  Hurry and order before supplies run out!

  • Fast and Simple Testing Process
    Provides quantitative results in less than five minutes using only saliva sample.
  • Accurate & Quantitative Results
    Offers results similar to blood-based test and a thermometer-like reading, leaving no room for misinterpretation of results.  
  • Built-in QA Spot™
    Assures quality control for every test by ensuring test administrators apply specimen in the correct location with the correct quantity of specimen.
  • Low Cost
    Provides a lower cost per test option than breath or alcohol.
  • Department of Transportation Approved
    Delivers CLIA-waived and DOT-approved alcohol testing that can be administered by any trained professional.

The test should be used as a pre-screen for alcohol. Confirmation of results can be done through a breath alcohol test, urine drug screen, or with a second QED test. This device is perfect for Reasonable Cause, Post-Accident and Random drug testing scenarios.



If you are interested in purchasing Q.E.D. ® while this offer is available, or if you have questions about the product, please contact us at 888-833-5304.

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