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2 Days To Decision
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September 29 2009
Daley approval rating at 35%


Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee:

We're just minutes away...

The same team of No Games Chicago volunteer delegates that came to Lausanne in June is now in Copenhagen.

Many people from Chicago will be meeting with you. Our President will be meeting with you. Unfortunately, NONE of them speaks for the vast majority of the citizens of Chicago who feel as we do that the 2016 Olympics is the wrong project for the wrong city at the wrong time.

Will you allow us to come before you at a time of your choosing BEFORE you vote on Friday? Many of you have been following our daily email updates, which we have been sending you since late July. We hope you have found them informative and useful in your deliberations.

Our local phone number is 011-45- 416-89740.

We look forward to giving you information you will want to have before you cast your vote on Friday.

Thank you, as always, for your kind attention to our concerns.

Martin Macias, Jr.
Thomas Tresser
Rhoda Whitehorse
No Games Chicago
Copehhagen Delegation