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3 Days To Decision
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September 28, 2009

Olympics would cost Chicagoans big-time
The decision of the International Olympic Committee is close at hand. Every Chicagoan should cross fingers, say prayers and hope that the International Olympic Committee picks . . . any other city.

First and foremost, all those businesslike economic projections flowing out of City Hall and the Chicago boosters are fabrications, theories. Without the benefit of high-priced accounting firms, I will make a prediction. Should we get the Olympics, the costs will be higher than projected and the income lower. The promised ancillary benefits will never materialize. The impact on the working-class taxpayer will be significant.

If you don't believe me, you should know that virtually every independent accounting authority says the city's projections are nothing but hype. Even the promised insurance policy that is supposed to protect the taxpayers is full of holes -- billions of dollars in costs will come out of Chicago workers' paychecks. Our hard-earned money will be redistributed to the rich and powerful friends of City Hall.

In the twisted irony of Chicago politics, those who will scoop up millions of dollars in windfall profits will have the best accom- modations, the best seats, the best parties. The working-stiff footing the bill will watch the hometown Olympics on television, find it impossible to get into a restaurant, stand in long lines for entertainment venues and have to make their way to work in super congestion. I say: Go! Go! Rio!

Larry Horist, President, Public Policy Caucuses,
Chicago Sun-Times letter to the editor, September 26, 2009

Daley approval rating at 35%


Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee:

Here are two images that sum up what 84% of the people of
Chicago associate with the Olympics and the 2016 bid.

Burning Olympic cash!

.Bag of Olympic cash!