Chicago says "No Games!"
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15 Days To Decision
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September 16, 2009
The People Speak

The aldermanic backbone was only that of a very few and momentary at best as evidenced by the unanimous cave in of the vote. We citizens are on the hook just as the IOC wants it. The IOC is not willing to take on any risk for its self which of course is why it is so high on their list of host city requirements prior to holding the vote. IOC is beholden to no one, no city, no state, no government, no country. NO ONE.
Yet, who ever is the bid "winner", a questionable term, is beholden, held hostage if you will, to the IOC and its governance of the games, not the "winners" own citizenry. At least not until after the fact, when of course "oversite" comes into play. In this instant, oversite becomes an oxymoron, even a lie, as there is no F.O.I.A..that applies. No FO.I.A. anywhere on this earth that applies to the IOC. None, Nada, Nunca, Zip. Oversite comes after the fact. The only party left holding the bag are the only ones not invited to the party, you and me, the taxpayers.
The IOC wants you to have all the liability, as does the Chicago City Council, Pat Ryan and his 2016 bid committee, Mayor Daley, the State of Illinois, and "Chicago politics lite" the Obama administration.

Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee:

The editorial cartoon in today's Chicago Sun-Times expresses the sentiments of 84% of Chicago citizens.

Chicago tax payers feel this burden!

Today's Chicago Tribune has a front page story, "Sorting out bid's true cost" that contradicts the 2016 Committee's repeated claims that "not one penny of taxpayer funds has been or will be used for the 2016 Olympics." They compiled a chart of expenses that tops $2 billion and has several "unknown" figures that alarm citizens with fears of costs that could spiral out of control.