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September 13, 2009
The People Speak

Daley's mismanagement of Chicago was hidden by a booming national economy throughout the 90s and from 03-07. It took a bad recession to see the full effects of his poor management. Now he expects people to believe he can complete Olympic projects on time and on budget when his track record for most major projects is pitiful.

Daley has Olympic tunnel vision. He believes they are a panacea for all of Chicago's ills. The problem is the man has absolutely no Plan B or alternate vision if Chicago does not get the Olympics. It's time to dump this tired, paranoid old fool who has drained the taxpayers for the benefit of his family and friends.

A reader comments on the Chicago Tribune article, "As Olympic vote looms, Daley struggles"

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Daley approval rating at 35%

Mayor Daley is now extremely unpopular in Chicago and his pushing of the 2016 Olympics has contributed to his historically low approval ratings. Despite what you are being told, the people of Chicago do NOT want the 2016 Olympics to come here.

As Olympics vote looms, Daley struggles

Dan Mihalopoulos - Chicago Tribune - September 13, 2009

...But with the pivotal Olympics decision three weeks away, Daley finds himself in one of the most troubled periods of his long reign. Daley's decision to lease the city parking meter system left motorists furious over skyrocketing rates and balky machines. Then he fumbled in explaining his promise that taxpayers would cover potential losses from the Olympics.

For the first time since he became mayor two decades ago, Daley's critics outnumber his fans, a Tribune/WGN poll found. The mayor's approval rating is at an all-time low of 35 percent in Tribune polls, according to the new survey.

47% of the people disapprove of the Mayor!