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September 10, 2009
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Open letter
to the IOC
"Why you don't want to give the Olympics to Chicago"

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Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee: 

Yesterday the Chicago City Council voted to approve the Mayor's commitment to you and endorsed the Host City Contract.

Here's just a small sample of the citizen outrage that is pouring into the media, blogs, radio shows and online comments following 2016-related news stories.

The Mayor lands on taxpayers, ouch!

The following comments are from JUST TWO articles, one from the Chicago Sun-Times and one from the Chicago Tribune.


lee star wrote:
As anyone in Chicago knows the Alderman are the biggest Daley b.u.t.t. Lickers in this state, they no shame or scruples.
lennny wrote:
xbillcosby wrote:
Fran you don't mention the aldermen in oversight are Burke and Austin. Two of Daley's biggest shills. Can you explain how this is a win? Or any real oversight?
focus wrote:
Daley has money for the Willis group and the TIF in the Loop, but not for Citzens
justanotheropinion wrote:
Got a message for my alderman who likes his picture in the paper, Jim Balcer you are supposed to be representing the majority of your consituants, not just those deemed to have clout. WE DO NOT BACK THE BID. And we will not back you come the next election cycle. This WILL be remembered. Time for you to get a real job and it shouldn't be in politics.
center cut wrote:
If there was a public hearing about the olympics in the 41st ward somebody forgot to invite the public. What backroom of what bar was it held in 
trex47 wrote:
Not in Chicago but still in Illinois which will also be taxed up the yingying if Chicago gets it in 2016. Hope the residents also vote unanimously next election to send the King & 50 Daleyites a clear message, BID THIS!!!
on windy wrote:
Chicago Aldermen: sheep following the Judas Goat! When Da Mare shouts "Squat!" fifty pairs of drawers hit the Council floor.
blackpanthers09 wrote:
49-0 huh! I can't wait for 2011 elections so we can vote 5million-0 on putting these daley lap dogs & his House Negros out office for good. Power to the people!
jack12345 wrote:
What good is oversight by 49 lapdogs? It is like the CTA Board overseeing the CTA--laughable. Daley threw them a meaningless bone, and they said "yes, master." 

antiseptic wrote:
wizards23 wrote:
This is not a rubber-stamp City Council. There's give and take. There's back-and-forth," he said. The taxpayers "give" and Daley "takes". The "back and forth" is Daley and his croonies giving it to the taxpayer up the wazooh. LOL!!

tim tells it like it is...chicago wrote:
So there are a total of 49 complete idiots, plus 1 - Daley. Put your own cash on the table Bozos. 
Getting the word out, you are all so fired come election time.
nobama08 wrote:
Just think of the traffic, security issues, clean up costs, maintenance of these facilities for years to come, etc. This is going to be a disaster for the City of Chicago and her taxpayers. This is all about Daley and his ego and not about Chicago.

I hope the IOC curses some other city with this bid.
citizen cane wrote:
Oh, and yes... don't forget to roll up your bits of WIT here into little balls of sh't... where it doesn't mean a thing... but it is good therapy and cathartic, so do it where it doesn't count.

Ha, Ha, simply remarkable.

PS: Don't forget to "twitter" as well, this is after all the Information Age, and YOU certainly do want to be informed... don't you?
dgm wrote:
GIVE ME A BREAK!!! You laud the commissioners for attaining concessions? Laughable! You have 49 morons that voted the way Daley told them to vote...they did NOT, I repeat, did NOT utilize a democratic-republic process and ask their constituents how to vote...they voted they way they wanted to vote, PERIOD. The citizens of Chicago will be on the hook for Billions for DECADES...You morons who live in Chicago and pay ever increasing taxes have only yourselves to blame for continuing to vote these morons into office...enjoy your 2 weeks of Games...and MASSIVE debt for generations to come!!!
citizen cane wrote:
WOW! UNBELIEVABLE!! CONGRATULATIONS Chicagoans! In view of YOUR city council's votes, Chicago... YOU "again" continue to be in the forefront of proving the theory that indeed you can fool ALL of the people ALL of the time. Ah yes, never so STUPID are those that fail to realize it... when they are being made so. Chicago, ENJOY paying for the games and the FOOLS that "some" folks; your neighbors (city council) make of you... while they laugh about and carve up the money pie.

Question: CAN Chicagoans BEcome any STUPIDER?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY, YES U CAN!! :D (lol)
chicrooko wrote:
Chicago remember not to vote for incumbants in the next election. Let's vote out these Daley lap dogs.
mindus wrote:
And let me guess, one of those two city council "representatives" is public enemy #2 Aldercriminal Ed Burke? The second biggest scumbag liar and money waster who's been allowed to city in an alderman's chair EVER!

Wow, now I trust everything.

And as far as Fioretti's BS fake ordinance, JUST ANOTHER BS FAKEOUT TO SAVE FACE AGAINST HIS CONSTITUENT'S HATRED FOR THE GAMES. That ordinance will NEVER pass and he knew it when he introduced it.

The only line of BS that has changed from before is now two of the biggest scumbag aldermen in this city, and two of daley's best friends to boot, are now allegedly supposed to watch how the crime spree is dibursed.

Nothing has changed, Daley is now going to r@pe this city dry of money and turn it into detriot thanks to the lying scumbag aldermen laying down for a couple TIFF dollars to be spent in their ward.

Let's all see where that tiny percentage of TIF starts flowing now shall we?

amazing grace wrote:
How nice to see the 11th Ward Alderman DALEY'S LACKY in the somehow fitting....Gee, I wonder how many Alderman and their familes businesses will benefit from contract....? Why are they NOT forbidding any ALDERMAN and their families to do business??????? WHY NOT........? 
focus wrote:
This is amazing, 50 fools that will sign off on anything pushed in front of them,and then want hearings after public outcry. I hope people remember this in 2011,$100,000 a year for a part-time job.

bluestatecowboys wrote:
Las Vegas has set the "over/under" at 2.5 for the number of current aldermen who will be in prison when the 2016 Olympics takes place -- no matter where the games are held.


(Spoken Intro)
This is an open letter to the International Olympic Committee:

As you travel the world these next few months
Being wined and dined in five-star restaurants
In Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio De Janeiro, remember this:

You're upholding the proud tradition of your predecessors,
Many of whom allegedly accepted bribes
In exchange for awarding the 2002 Winter Games
To that paragon of urban virtue - Salt Lake City, Utah


Well, you can scrap that bid from old Madrid
Say adios to Spain
And just say no to Tokyo
With its fancy bullet train

And if you're ill at ease speakin' Portugese
Then Rio ain't your town
Oh, but Good King Rich, he'll scratch your itch
When he throws that cash around


Well, some folks say that it don't make sense
To hold the Games in the 312
They say our city's broke; schools are a joke
Well, friends, that just might be true

Oh, but Good King Rich, he'd rather fight than switch
You know how the story's gonna end
With all the King's family and all the King's friends
Lining their pockets again and again

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse w/ tag)

From the two-flats and the bungalows
We applaud his every scheme
From a tax increase to a parking meter lease
He's helping us live the dream

Now with a wave of his hand and a line in the sand
He's gonna bring the Olympics home
So da_mn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
He's gonna get us a velodrome

We can't pay for salt when there's ice on the streets
But at least we'll have a velodrome

(Repeat Chorus (w/ tag))

Yeah, Good King Rich, he's gonna scratch your itch
When you bring those games to town

wizards23 wrote:
This is not a rubber-stamp City Council. There's give and take. There's back-and-forth," he said. The taxpayers "give" and Daley "takes". The "back and forth" is Daley and his croonies giving it to the taxpayer up the wazooh.

orion wrote:
Willie Cocharan, you are not running a laundremat anymore - this is the City of Chicago. Reviewing every contract over $25K will grind progress to a halt.

I'm glad I moved out of Chicago. I look at the people who own my old place as 'suckers'. Daley & the crooked City Council pat themselves on the back and whoop it up while spending other people's money.
I don't miss the 10.25% sales tax one bit either.
Posted by: Cash | September 10, 2009 at 08:02 AM
OH BOY! Daly is some piece of work. He has gone from ..we will have an insurance policy so taxpayers will not pay for any losses....but there has never been a city that has lost in the Olympics.. to Let's screw the Chicago taxpayer... AGAIN. Oh, by the way, Richie, EVERY city has lost money on the Olympics.
When are the TAXPAYERS of Chicago going to vote this person out of office????We need to get rid of the alderman too. Let's stop being their pansies.
I hope I get my property sold by the time 2016 comes around!!!!!
Posted by: Gail Soberski

Most of us got a water bill a few weeks ago. That bill was about $10 more than the last instalment. That was a Daley family added value tax. Let me explain.
Almost all of the trucks used in the truck for hire scandal were used by the water department. Remember that John Daley's brother-in-law was convicted of ghost payrolling at the water department. Daley's son and nephew got a contract to clean sewers for the water department. And when Daley's nephew raided the city pension funds for investment money he bought a warehouse that was storing trucks for the water department that they bought after the truck for hire scandal. The water department had a month-to-month lease so no city council approval was needed. The cost of the lease went up 600% after Vanecko bought the property. DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN HERE? Now imagine what these people can do if we get the Olympics!
Posted by: NorthSide TaxPayer

Posted by: Chicago Citizen

The day we get the Olympics is the day I say goodbye to this fat, bloated city of pigs.
Posted by: Chicago Joe

Funny how some people want this, I know of no one. Put it to a will lose. Fitzgerald, please, please, get this creep out of office...
Posted by: dumpdaley

The rubber stamps stamp again.
Posted by: Pete |

Posted by: nothin' left in my pockets but lint |

There is no way an Olympic village can be built for less than proposed. Remember Millennium Park? I concur, time to start fighting our the Daley's and all who go along with this circus!
Posted by: chicagoguy

Here's what I don't understand. In Congress, it's common for a Senator or Congressman to have an opinion on a bill, but that his constituents of on the other side. So, if the winning side doesn't need his vote, he can vote the way his constituents feel, without risk of angering his party's leadership. This was the case, when Congress voted for the bailout of the banks. Why doesn't anyway ask for this kind of dispensation from the Mayor? Is it that hard to say, "Mr. Mayor, I completely agree with you, but if I vote with you, your army of campaign workers simply can't get me re-elected. Please let me vote against you without reprecussion. You'll have my vote the next time a vote appears to be very close."
Posted by: Chuck

I'm certainly glad that Suarez thinks that "It will make Chicago a world-class city," he said. Whew...finally we'll be a city worth something. WHAT? Aren't we a world-class city already? I'm out of here if we get the Olympics. We'll be bilked for millions and millions of tax dollare as the project will overrun their budgets day one. We're f'd.
Posted by: Mr.B
Let's say the Olympics fail financially. SOME people will have come to Chicago, stayed in a hotel or motel, eaten food, bought 'stuff', etc. It was my impression that Chicago had a sales tax, an entertainment tax, and a tax on hotel and motel room rentals among others. Oops, I forgot city income tax - from cab drivers, employees at eating establishments, and all manner of other people. Because Police and Fire pay income tax, I suspect that some of their overtime will go back to the city.  Even in an Olympics that does not do well at the gate, the city will collect some (extra) tax that the city would not have otherwise. These extra tax revenues are what hosting the Olympics are about anyway.
Posted by: Ed

Like this is news... You know it is a slow news day in Chicago when Rod and the Olympics are on the front page. Why wouldn't the Alderman put the taxpayers on the line? That's what they do everyday.
Now if you have any money in retirement or pensions -- end your contributions now -- trust me these politicians will takje out a loan on the pension funds to fund the Olympics. How soon til election day?
Posted by: Ed Kasprzycki

I don't see anyone protesting in their faces at City Hall. That's exactly what it will take to restore any sense of democratic representation in our municipal government. But people are too fat, too low on energy carrying all that lard around all day. They'd rather type and call it a day.
Posted by: Guy

This is hardly surprising. Don't think medical science has advanced enough for the alderman to get spine transplants since the fiasco about the parking meters deal was exposed. Our only hope now is that the IOC gets a bigger bribe from one of the other host city candidates and let's Chicago off the the hook.
Here's hoping that mayor Daley's quest for the 2016 Olympics will put the final nail in the coffin of machine politics Chicago style. Are you listening Patrick Fitzgerald?
Posted by: Lee Majella

To all those that have decided to leave the city, don't forget to pay your exit tax. Those taxpayers left behind are going to need the money to help offset the cost of the freeloaders and the olympics.
Posted by: Think Before You Vote |

Haven't these guys learned if you can't afford something, you just don't buy it? Why should city taxpayers cough up the cash? I'm sooooo glad in live in the 'burbs...but then, they'll probably find a way to put part of the burden on the suburban taxpayers, too...particularly if you live in Cook County. For that matter, the state of Illinois will pay their share. Get ready, downstate farmers!
Posted by: Vote 'em all out

Does anyone have contact info for the IOC so we can let them know how we feel about the games coming to Chicago?
Posted by: Emily

If the Olympics make money, and lately they haven't, do the taxpayer get the profit? No the taxpayers only get the debt. The rich guys get the profit. Don't forget they are worth it.
Posted by: Dougmohns

If they can find money for the Olympics, they can find money for the homeless, stop the killing of kids and improve Chicago's school system. If we are put on the hook for paying something then we should have a vote in it. Well you know what maybe we should reconsider who we vote for.
Posted by: PCarr

this will be like the parking meter mess.
when things go wrong, they will say they didnt know what they were voting on.
Posted by: mike h

of course they will screw that taxpayer. And the lemmings will keep wanting this scam. GO RIO .. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY FOLKS. and please people. theres no cleaning house like you think. they will just cart in more crooks. Nothing will change untill there is literally a revolt on the steps of city hall.

Posted by: meesohawnee