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September 7, 2009
The People Speak

Once again, the corrupt and spinless politicians of Chicago, have allowed Mayor Daley, to make underhanded decisions on the "behalf" of all Chicagoans. Mayor Daley has consistently LIED to Chicagoans about this Olympic bid and I don't trust him. He is only interested in himself and his cronies. NO OLYMPICS IN CHICAGO

Erica Smith,
Signer of No Games
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"Why you don't want to give the Olympics to Chicago"

Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee:  

The 2016 bod is embroiled in continued controversy. Now there are two competing City Council laws to introduce oversight and monitoring to the 2016 bid process and beyond.

Ben Joravsky from the Chicago Reader has a skeptical take on these two ordinances. The Sun-Times editorial cartoon shows what people think of the Mayor and his announced desires for good government and "transparency."

The Substitute for the Substitute

Posted by Ben Joravsky - Sep 1, 2009 

I'm under no illusion that the 2016 Olympics-should we be so unlucky as to host them-will be anything but a waste of money, as the well-connected gorge themselves at the public's expense.
So the best the City Council could do for the masses would be to effectively kill the games by passing First Ward alderman Manny Flores's original proposal to cap public spending at $500 million.

But since Mayor Daley has made it clear that he won't let that legislation come up for a vote, much less win approval, the council's next best bet is to pass Flores's new proposal calling for strict oversights. (You can check out a PDF of it here.)

Now it's clear the mayor won't let them do that either.

Flores introduced his substitute proposal today and the mayor quickly countered with his own variation [PDF], which offers next to nothing in legitimate oversight. Click here for a chart that the alderman put together comparing the two proposals.
"This ordinance will ensure greater public transparency about the Olympic finances as well as provide further protection to our taxpayers," Mayor Daley said in a prepared statement. Right.

So here's how tough things are for open government in Chicago: Mayor Daley's pushing a substitute for the substitute for the real legislation our aldermen ought to pass.

Hang tough, Manny. I guarantee you'll get votes from aldermen Scott Waguespack and Joe Moore and maybe even Roberto Maldonado-that is, if he can get his mind off his real estate holdings.

Just kidding, Alderman M.

Daley does NOT want any oversight