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August 29, 2009
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Open letter
to the IOC
"Why you don't want to give the Olympics to Chicago"

Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee: 

Sometimes a simple letter to the editor from an average citizen is worth more than all the reporting and editorializing that we have been sending you.

This letter appeared in the Chicago Tribune yesterday.

Library closed

The city that furloughs

August 28, 2009

"The city that works" is what Richard J. Daley dubbed Chicago. How sad would he have been to have seen our recent "reduced-service" day, with all but emergency services closed to Chicago's taxpayers and citizens.

Can we have any better example of the abject fiscal failure his son Richard M. has been as mayor than these reduced-service days? They show us that it's obviously a lot easier being mayor when the cash is flowing in during market and real estate bubbles.

However, it's quite another thing to be prepared for the times when those days have ended. After all, isn't that what we elect a mayor for, to make such preparations that would allow city services to continue during the bad times as well as during the good?

But, the history of the second Daley administration has never been one of preparations. It has been a history of do it on the fly, grab the quick buck, plug the hole in the dike and pray.

An example is taking cents on the dollar for parking meter or airport deals and then patting yourself on the back for your ingenuity.

Right now, the only long-term plan Mayor Daley seems to have, for anything, is Olympics, Olympics, Olympics.

What we do to pay for the needs of Chicago's citizens, between 2016 and now, though, no one seems to know, especially Richard M. Daley.

Most insulting is that the $25 million in TIF funds Daley just gave away to United Airlines, from Chicago taxpayers' pockets, to move into the unblighted Willis Tower, would have paid to keep city workers working all three of this year's scheduled reduced-service days, three times over.

-- Walter R. Kowalczyk, Chicago