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August 21, 2009
The People Speak

Mayor Daley,
you can't run a city effectively - that's been proven. So I know for sure you can't pull this off without burdening the citizens of Chicago and the State of Illinois without further tax ramifications.

Steve Crnkovich
Crystal Lake

Signer of
No Games
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Open letter
to the IOC
"Why you don't want to give the Olympics to Chicago"

Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee: 

We've told you that Illinois and Chicago are broke. The state and city are running rivers of red ink and it's not projected to get better soon.

One of the most important components of our city is our public transit system which is operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). Our public transit system barely keeps up with the current needs of users. The systems need repairs, upkeep and expansion.

Unfortunately, these vital needs are being neglected.

Stranded at the Station: The Impact of the Financial Crisis in Public Transportation is the first systematic analysis of the conundrum faced by communities and their transit systems: Historic ridership and levels of demand for service, coupled with the worst funding crisis in decades.

According to a recent survey by the AmericanPublic Transportation Association, state, regional and local funding for more than 80 percent of U.S. transit systems has remained flat or has fallen lately, and nearly 90 percent of those systems have had to raise fares or cut service. Nearly half have done both.

Chicago is at the top of this list of major U.S. city transit systems running deficits.

Top 10 Mass Transit Deficits

We know you place considerable weight to the candidate city's transit system in making your decision to award the games.

There are no concrete, real plans to improve our transit system. The 2016 Committee has been asked about their transit plans in many of the community meetings they've held over the past month. In every case they admit that their bid is based on existing infrastructure.

We hope you will take this into consideration when you make your decision on which city is most fit to host the 2016 Olympic Games.