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No Games Chicago Update
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July 1, 2009
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Open letter to the IOC:
"Why you don't want to give the Olympics to Chicago"

Here are links to sites that have articles and research on the games...

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the games

Centre on Housing Rights & Evictions

No Games Chicago "Book of Evidence"

Visit our web site and download the "Book of Evidence" that we delivered to you in Lausanne!

Dear Member of the International Olympic Committee:

Thank you for your hospitality when we visited your headquarters and museum on June 16 and 17.

We delivered 100 copies of our "Book of Evidence" to Mr. Mark Adams, your chief communications officer, and he assured us the documents would be delivered to you.

If you did not receive your copy, please contact him and we're sure he'll forward your copy to you.

In the meantime, you can download a copy of the "Book of Evidence" we brought to Switzerland by going to our web site.
Just visit our new online library at

[It's a 12MB PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader to open and read the file. Please let us know if you downloaded the file. We'd love your comments!]

This document contains over 150 articles, columns and reports from the Chicago press that substantiate our claim that Chicago is not a fit recipient of the 2016 Olympics.

The material enclosed in the "Book of Evidence" backs up our four major claims:

(1) Lack of finances - Chicago is broke. The state is $13 billion in the red and Chicago is $300 million in the red.

(2) Lack of competence - Our city is run by corrupt officials who have been placed in authority so as to maximize profit for a few. Large construction projects go wildly over budget and take years longer to complete than originally announced.

(3) Lack of infrastructure - Our city is in disrepair and our mass transit system can barely handle the load of moving passengers today. Chicago contemplates no improvements or expansions to it mass transit system as part of the bid.

(4) Lack of public support - 75% of Chicagoans do not support the games because they know they will have to pay for them. Our elected officials, called Aldermen, are revolting now against the Mayor because he announced that he will sign the Whole City Contract

We don't have the email addresses for all the members of the IOC so if you think we are sending you information you need to make a wise decision on where to place the 2016 games, then please pass this on to your fellow IOC members.

Thank you!

No Games Chicago

We are all volunteers. No one is paying us to do this work. If you want to call us and speak to someone directly, please leave a message at 001-312-235-2873.