No Games Chicago
No Games Chicago
IOC Newsletter

June 16, 2009
Dear member of the International Olympic Committee:

We are the No Games Chicago organization. We met with a number of your Evaluation Commission members on April 7.

As you are preparing to make the important decision on awarding the 2016 Olympic games, we respectfully request the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to consider the full perspective, objective facts and accurate information from the citizens of Chicago.

Several members of our organization are in Lausanne right now. We would appreciate the opportunity to present documents and discuss with you on why Chicago would not be an appropriate choice for the 2016 Olympic games.

No Games Delegation

Our primary contact is Tom Tresser, his Laussane number is 079-477-9792, and our email is


No Games Chicago

P.S. We are sharing with the people of Chicago and the United States our visit to Lausanne. You can visit a special page we've created on our web site called "We're in Switzerland!"