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March 7, 2012




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Death Investigation of the

Hanna Case Complete


The Lake County Coroner's Office has completed its investigation into the death of Mr. Darrin Hanna. 

In collaboration with the Illinois State Police Integrity Unit, the coroner's forensic pathologist performed an autopsy on Mr. Hanna. A neuropathologist also conducted an examination of the brain and spinal cord, and a cardio pathologist examined the heart. The death investigation also included toxicology studies, a review of Mr. Hanna's medical records, and interviews of medical professionals who treated Mr. Hanna prior to his death. 

The Lake County Coroner's Office found a combination of complications that contributed to Mr. Hanna's death, including: acute and chronic cocaine abuse, physical trauma and restraint, taser restraint, poorly controlled hypertension and chronic renal insufficiency. Each of these factors placed Mr. Hanna in sickle cell crisis causing multi-organ failure.  

Lake County Coroner Artis Yancey offers his most sincere condolences to the Hanna/Carr family in regards to the loss of their loved one.                

The family of Mr. Hanna also conducted a private autopsy and the results from that study have been published.  

Case Background:
On the evening of November 6, 2011, North Chicago Police Department responded to a domestic dispute at the residence of Darrin Hanna.  During the arrest, Mr. Hanna resisted the officers' attempts to place him in custody. During the physical altercation with police, Mr. Hanna suffered trauma from physical restraint and taser restraint. Paramedics were called and Mr. Hanna was transported to Vista Medical Center East where he eventually died on November 13, 2011.

The Lake County Coroner's Office will have no further comment on this case.

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