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Keeping up with the latest news, tools and tips in the marketing and PR world is almost a full time job. We've culled some of the most interesting information, tips and resources so you don't have to:
  • Facebook is still the 800# gorilla of social media marketing. To make the most of it, consider using Facebook Questions (introduced March 2011) to create community, or possibly creating a custom landing page (make one for free with Pagemodo) for a special event or other specific need. 
  • Managing a Facebook page presents its own challenges. For some practical advice on how to do it well, check out these tips and download this handbook from Buddy Media.
  • Does Twitter work for your business? If so, don't forget the value of #Twitterchats, reviewed in this article. And for information on how well Twitter works for you, try one of these tools.
  • Web browsing has gone mobile, but has your website followed suit? Here are some good tips for making your website mobile and for checking functionality.
  • Looking at social media advertising but not sure which platform is best? This article may help you decide.
  • Worried about missing out on the latest social media tools? This post lists 60 (!) you may not have heard of yet.
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Lessons on Integrating Old with New from a Visit to RomeOld and new combines in Rome.

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is how to integrate traditional, old, marketing techniques and tools with new tools and new media.


Some companies ignore new opportunities. Some toss out all history and migrate completely to only new tools, relegating their previous efforts to the garbage can. Neither of those options is as effective as finding a happy medium, though, using the best of the old and the new to make your company outstanding.



I was reminded of the fact that embracing the old and integrating it with the new can create the most memorable efforts by a vist to Rome last month. My friends live just blocks away from the Colosseum, and Roman ruins literally dot the streets around their place. But instead of knocking them down, putting them behind walls or otherwise separating the ruins from modern life, their neighborhood has integrated them into the fabric of the community by creating open viewing areas and making old ruins a part of everyday life. The photo above shows a portion of the ancient Roman aqueduct that has had a modern home built into and around it!


How can your company embrace extisting or even old marketing tools, materials and information and integrate them with new ideas to create something that stands out? Do you have a classic mascot or campaign with retro appeal? Does your company's history lend itself to a modern telling of your story to connect with customers? Can you use parts of existing collateral materials to produce something new to expand your audience reach?


Take a look at what you already have and try to see it in a new way. You may be surprised at what you can come up with by applying a few modern twists. And if you need help seeing how your company's past can move you toward the future, just give us a call.

Tune Up Your Marketing
Does your marketing need a tune-up? If you haven't taken a look at your marketing and PR in a while, it's probably a good idea to do so.

A Marketing Tune-Up from PR Right Now is a professional evaluation of what you're doing, industry trends, how you stack up and recommendations on what to add or change. You won't get the in-depth strategic analysis and specific tactical planning that a complete custom strategic review and plan generates, but you will get a good overview of your current marketing and concrete suggestions for further action. The cost is minimal - just $500 for businesses with less than $1million in revenue - but the insights you'll gain are invaluable.

PR Right Now today to set up your evaluation. We'll help you tune up your marketing and can also provide full strategic communications services ranging from complete marketing and PR planning and campaigns for start ups and established businesses to crisis management, new business rollouts, and even simple copywriting to suit your needs.

Whatever your communications or marketing needs, don't hesitate to contact us at 410-420-8679 or and we'll be happy to help.

So How's That Working for You?
Gina Kazimir /
Gina Kazimir
I've been giving a lot of seminars and presentations this past year on using social media for PR and marketing. Most businesses have entered the social media marketing world; some have hired "social media experts" (read this piece by Peter Shankman on that). Yet for many the results have been disappointing.

The reason most companies find social media "doesn't work" is because they do not have a clear strategy for its use. 
Social media platforms are tools. Period. Unless you know how you will use them and for what purpose, they won't do anything for you. 

Social media won't save your business. But with the right strategy, implementation and follow up, it might help it grow. 

At PR Right Now, we don't "do" social media. We use social media but we "do" strategic communications, and we tailor our work to what our clients need.
It's that simple. We work to help you succeed. Whether by creating an entire strategic marketing plan, executing your project, managing a crisis or writing copy, we make sure you get what you really need.  

Call us at 410-420-8679 or email to get your strategy on target.
- Gina Kazimir


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