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New Media Marketing to Notice

It's said that the only thing that's consistent is change, and when it comes to using new media marketing tools, that's totally true. So, here are some tips, resources and provocative issues for your consideration:
  • Is Facebook's new address email, a new type of online communication, or doomed? Just announced, Facebook says it's not email, but others aren't exactly sure yet. FWIW, new media guru Peter Shankman really seems to hate the idea.
  • If you pay for blogger promotions, talk about work on Facebook or complain about a company online, do you have any legal liability? This primer addresses the basics.
  • Wondering how to value that Facebook ad? WSJ has some thoughts on that.
  • Thinking about getting into location based marketing? Make sure there's enough value for your business, then consider the pros and cons before you do.
  • What's new with Twitter? Here are some tools to try, and ideas on using hashtags to promote events. And try these tips to use Twitter more effectively.
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Waltzing through marketing? Maybe, with the right performance.
Dance competitions give marketing insight

Dancing, especially dance competition, is a whole world unto itself. From its picky rules to technical details, there's so much to master if you want to succeed, and win, on the competition floor. But, what does it have to do with marketing?

I was thinking about this at a recent dance competition. Here's what I came up with -- see if you agree:

Don't go out there without preparation: You wouldn't enter a competition in Tango if you've never done the dance. It's the same with marketing. Make sure you are actually ready to go to market and meet your goals, and that you have the plan, tools and skills in place to do it.

Presentation matters: On the dance floor, you want to look like you belong. You need the appropriate dress for your dance style and the accessories to enhance what you do well and hide what you don't. Market the same way - make sure your presentation is appropriate for your audience and enhances your brand, and match the media to the message target when choosing marketing tools.

Performance matters more: Even if you look fantastic, you still have to "sell" your dance. A fabulous gown worn by someone who looks bored or terrified can't help much. When marketing, you need to make sure your products deliver what you promise and that your customer service is top notch.

But what matters most is the basics: A spectacular custom gown and knock out performance can get you far, but you won't win a dance championship if you don't have basic technique. Gorgeous packaging and A+ customer service won't help you if your basic product doesn't last or your service isn't any good. Create the best you can first, then worry about what it looks like and how you support it. Without a good solid base, you really can't win.

And, yes, that is me in the photo, dancing with professional  Vladimir Skrylnikov from SwingTime Ballroom.
Tune Up Your Marketing
The end of the year and a still uncertain economic future has made marketing both a priority and a target for budget cutting at many companies these days. Instead of blindly launching new campaigns, or cutting current efforts, we suggest you tune things up first. 

A Marketing Tune-Up from PR Right Now is a professional evaluation of what you're doing, industry trends, how you stack up and recommendations on what to add or change. The cost is minimal - just $500 for businesses with less than $1million in revenue - but the insights you'll gain are invaluable.

PR Right Now today to set up your evaluation. We'll help you tune up your marketing and can also provide full strategic communications services ranging from complete marketing and PR campaigns for start ups and established businesses to crisis management, new business rollouts, and even simple copywriting to suit your needs.

Whatever your communications or marketing needs, don't hesitate to contact us at 410-420-8679 or and we'll be happy to help.

Ready for the Year End wrap up?

Gina Kazimir & Somerville
Gina & Somerville
Are you ready for the end of the year?

For many businesses, this is the time of year to start developing an annual report. While public companies do this as a matter of course, many private companies, even small businesses, should think about issuing some form of annual report for the marketing value.

An annual report can be as complex as a gorgeous printed piece with matching online edition, or as simple as a year-end review for internal use only. What's important is the the annual report is strategic, that it tells your story and conveys the message you need your audience to know now.

Your annual report can tell your audience not just where you've been, but where you're going next year. That may mean a complex narrative reviewing 2010 performance and 2011 goals for a major corporation, or a look at 2010 trends and what's hot looking toward 2011 for a fashion retailer.

Should your annual report be printed or online? There is some debate, but I feel whatever you do must match who you are and who your audience is. This report favors print, but also has some great checklists to create a strong annual report.

An annual report is your chance to tell your most important stories in your own way, so getting it right, and getting the right help, is critical. PR Right Now has created award-winning annual reports for our clients for years. 
If you need help with yours, or if you just want a consultation to review your message, give us a call at 410-420-8679 today.

- Gina Kazimir

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