News from Gina Kazimir & PR Right Now June 2010
Marketing Lessons from Dog Class
Mack is almost all grown up now.
So, what does training a 65# black lab pup have to do with marketing your company? More than just chewing up those incriminating notes and memos!
Somerville's successor, Mack, is 10 months old now. That means that we've been in dog classes teaching him basic manners and commands.
And you know what I've learned? There are a lot of similarities between successful dog training and successful marketing. Take a look:
Know your goals: You'd better know who's supposed to do what when you start your training sessions (hint: the dog should beg, not you). If you can't clearly tell your dog what you want him to do, why should he listen when there are great things to sniff and explore? It's the same with marketing - if you have no idea what you want from your efforts, you'll probably get just that...nothing.
Be consistent: You need to use the same command, given the same way, all the time for your dog to truly learn what to do. In marketing, you need to use the same message and be consistent in your brand presentation so that your customers understand who you are. If you want a sit, ask for a sit, not a down!
Learn what motivates your audience: Mack is easy - he likes food. But maybe your audience isn't so interested in getting a piece of cold hotdog for checking out your site. Offer what your audience wants and you'll probably get a lot more interest!
Give rewards freely: Dogs love to get rewards and people do, too! Reward your customers! Give Facebook fans a special discount; offer a unique add-on for your Twitter followers and regular customers. Just like the dogs, people will follow you with much more enthusiasm if they know there's a treat at the end.
Don't ever forget to tell them you love them: OK, so maybe you won't go quite that far with customers, but even humans need to know they're appreciated from time to time. Tell your customers they're valued, whether it's through personal thank-you notes or special programs. Show them you care, and they just might show they care, too...hopefully with more than a lick on the face!
Social Media Netiquette

Whether you grew up with a cell phone in your hand or remember the days of manual typewriters, it can be hard to know what "the rules" are online. Here are some good articles to help you have good manners in a modern world.
  • How should your brand or company conduct itself on Twitter? Find out here.
  • Not sure how to approach Facebook advertising? Here are some good basics to review. 
  • Don't forget that pretty much anything online, especially on a social network, is public no matter how tight your privacy settings. But don't just take my word for it, read here about the waitress who lost her job for a Facebook posting.
  • Kindness counts...a lot. A recent survey shows that 39% of Americans are dropping out of social media because of incivility.
Feeling confused by all the information out there? 
Don't be - just call us and we'll help you determine what you need and how to get it!
Need help telling your story?
PR Right Now is all about telling your story -- helping you determine your strategic message and the right blend of new and traditional tools to make sure it gets heard. 
We can provide strategic communications services ranging from complete campaigns for start ups and established businesses to crisis management, new business rollouts, and even simple copywriting to suit your needs. Plus, we have a network of partners to provide a full range of services from graphic design, web applications and more. And for those challenging situations, we're also trained in mediation, which allows us to make sure that your end results leave everyone as satisfied as possible.
Whatever your communications or marketing needs, don't hesitate to contact us at 410-420-8679 or and we'll be happy to help.
Are you using the right tools for your business?
Gina & Somerville
Gina Kazimir & Somerville
So...are you and your company on Twitter yet? Have you figured out how to make it work for you? Are you sure it's the right tool for your needs?
The buzz in marketing these days is all about social media. But too many companies are jumping into social media because they feel they "have" to when, in fact, the tools may not be right for them.
Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare - they're all tools. Knowing how, when and why to use them is what makes them work.
Before you jump into social media, map out your strategy. And if you need help figuring out where to start, give us a call at 410-420-8679 and we can help!
- Gina Kazimir

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