News from Gina Kazimir & PR Right Now October 2009
Looking to gain attention online?
That classic PR method of article mentions works best!

Companies looking to gain attention in the online world often spend a lot of time and money on banner ads, search engine links and the like. So it may surprise some to learn that old fashioned PR placements - mentions in online articles, specifically - are the  most effective method of gaining mindshare.

An Opinion Research Poll in April showed that a mention in an online article was more credible and compelling than other forms of online exposure. About half of the readers would act on information in an article, with younger readers being more likely to do so.

The least favorite method of getting information? You guessed it, pop-up ads. You can read more about the survey here.
How to Handle the Negatives Online

This past summer, Nikon participated in a major new media event, BlogHer. The event was successful but not without some controversy when two moms with young babies were denied entrance.

How did Nikon handle it? By reaching out directly to the women in question and publishing their thinking behind the decision and letting people comment, good and bad.

Read all about it here.
Thinking about Social Media?
Be sure you SEE where you want to go, and have a Sidekick to help you get there!
If you're not using social media to tell your story, you may be missing some critical opportunities. To make sure you know what you're getting into and use social media appropriately for your strategic needs, we've developed the acronym SEE to review the steps you need to take to be successful:

STRATEGIZE: Do you know who you want to talk to, and why? Do your research before just jumping into social media to make sure your message matches your goals and your audience's interests.

EDUCATE: Once you know who you're talking with, and why, you can begin to educate yourself and your customers. Listen more than you talk, and make sure that everyone in the company understands your message to avoid confusion in communications.

And don't bypass traditional media to tout your new media efforts! If you saw the movie Julie & Julia, you may remember that it was old media like the New York Times that made Julie's blog a hit. Make sure you get the word out that you're part of the social media stream.

EVALUATE: Is your communications program doing what you hoped it would? Always take time to evaluate the effectiveness of your communications messages and tools, and adjust them as needed.

One more thing we recommend before delving into social media is a service from VillageWorks Communications called Sidekick. Sidekick can help you whether you are just considering social media, are planning a campaign for a client or find your social media efforts have stalled out.

Sidekick will monitor the current social media climate, define tactics, review resources and create internal schedules that make social media work for you, instead of just making more work. We recommend Sidekick for in-house use or when planning campaigns for clients. Check it out!

PR Right Now is all about helping you SEE your way to an effective outreach program. Contact us today for more details!

Need help telling your story?
PR Right Now is all about telling your story -- helping you determine your strategic message and the right blend of new and traditional tools to make sure it gets heard. 
Whether you need to deliver news to your shareholders or employees or announce changes to your business, we can develop the right message to ensure that your communications meet the needs of your company and your audiences, in good times and in bad.
We can provide strategic communications services ranging from complete campaigns to crisis management, new business rollouts, and even simple copywriting to suit your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us at 410-420-8679 or and we'll be happy to help.
Make Sure You Tell Your Story
Gina Kazimir & Somerville
As we go into the final quarter of 2009, we can probably all agree that this year has been a wild ride!

As things turn around, it's important  to be sure that your company is top of mind. You need to tell your story, or someone else will do it for you.
PR Right Now is here to help you do just that. We help you strategically select the most appropriate new and traditional
communications tools to tell your story. Then, we develop and execute the campaign you need to make your story stand out where it matters most.

On a personal note, as you  may know, we lost Somerville, with me in my photo above, on August 30th. Just last week we adopted Mack, a black lab mix rescue puppy. Here he is the day we met him!

Gina with Mack, the new puppy

- Gina Kazimir

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