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Are the Best Surveys Standardized, Customized, or Both?
6 Keys to Great Surveys
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Volume 3 - Summer 2010
Greetings from Kristen

In honor of Summer, we've made this quarter's newsletter short but impactful. No need to take to the beach, it's a quick read!

We're sharing our best practice tips for doing evaluation surveys. Getting your survey right is so critical to your evaluation goals that you don't want to settle for okay surveys.  You want to be able to do great surveys.  And for that, you need tools and role models, not just tips.  

So in this issue, we have prepared for you a case study of a survey process that went well with an EVALCORP client.  In addition, we have created a design tool for you to apply to your next survey project. 

Kristen Donovan
Principal Consultant

Are the Best Surveys a.) Standardized b.) Customized or c.) Both?
When choosing the best approach for designing a survey, you have a few options.  You can choose a standardized, off-the-shelf one that fits with your program goals, or you can create one that is unique and specific to your organization.  Or you can do as EVALCORP does for our clients - use a combination of both standardized and customized!  One of our client's experiences helps show the benefits of integrating the two and how it can give you the best of both worlds. ...more

6 Keys to Great Surveys
Surveys are one of the most efficient ways to collect information.  But some surveys are more efficient than others.  More importantly, some are more effective than others in getting you "actionable" data - information you can use.

It's not only the content of the survey that makes the difference.  It's also the process used to design the survey.  With time and experience, EvalCorp has identified three keys to an effective design process and three keys to meaningful content.  Combined, they help open the door to great surveys. ...more

Upcoming Presentations
EVALCORP staff are very excited to be partnering with our clients in presenting at several upcoming conferences.

Join us at the OJJDP 12th Annual Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center (UDETC) National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA (August 18-20).
  • "Social Host Ordinances - How Effective Are They?" Presented by Kristen and Shanelle with Officer Derek Donswyk, Alcohol Enforcement Officer, Ventura Police Department
  • "Lessons Learned From Underage DUI Offenders and Implications for Community Action"
    Presented by Kristen and Shanelle with Dan Hicks, Manager - Prevention Services, Ventura County Behavioral Health Department
  • "Engaging Youth in Prevention by Partnering with Faith-Based Organizations"
    Presented by Lisa in collaboration with Lourdes Gutierrez, Project Coordinator, and Stephan Lambert, Associate Health Educator, of Community Service Programs (CSP)

And in the Fall, we hope to see you at the California Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) Training Conference 2010 in Sacramento, CA (October 12-14).  This year's theme is "Strongest Together: Building Quality Services During Challenging Times".  
  • "Collaborations and Family Focus Strengthen Breakthrough SAP's Impact"
    Presented by Lisa and Shanelle with Dean Lesicko, Coordinator of Student Services, Murrieta Valley Unified School District Breakthrough Student Assistance Program
  • "Evaluating Social Host Ordinance Impact in Ventura County"
    Presented by Kristen and Shanelle with Dan Hicks, Manager - Prevention Services, Ventura County Behavioral Health Department

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Please email us with any questions you have or topics you would like addressed in future issues.

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EVALCORP offers strategic planning, applied research and evaluation services to organizations throughout California and nationwide.  We work with public and private sector organizations in the areas of AOD prevention, HIV prevention, substance abuse treatment, criminal justice, mental health, public health, education, children's services and organization development.  In addition to our methodological expertise, we are known for our pragmatic approach and ability to deliver findings you can use.  Each consulting engagement begins by assessing where our clients are, where they want to go, and how we can help them get there. Learn more...
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