May 2010

"The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers.
The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question."
                                                                       - Peter Drucker

Assessments and evaluations are most effective when they are guided by a pre-planned set of 3-6 overarching questions.

To avoid the dangers of asking the wrong questions, check out our filtering process to get you to the "right" set of questions.

Step 1:
Consider all the possible questions you'd want your project to answer. 

Step 2: Filter that level to what you need to
know by asking of each possibility:

  • WHY do we need to know this?
  • HOW will we use the data we collect for it?  
  • WHO cares about the answer?
Any "I'm not sure" responses means delete the question.

Target: To get to the core questions, ask:
  • If we could ask only one question,
    would this be it?
This process sets the foundation for a more effective and efficient project -  from conception to data collection to achieved outcomes.   

Working as a team, it can even be fun!

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