March 2010

We all like to think data are highly scientific ... yet truth be told .... they are only as good as the human relationships - partnerships - that produce them.

You know you're in a good partnership with your evaluator when...

The evaluator collaborates with you from start to finish.
Rather than coming into your organization as an outsider judging your performance,
the evaluator serves as a guide whose goal is to help you gain additional insight
about your work.  

The plan ensures you get the "right" data for your needs.
The evaluator builds the approach after identifying your organization's priority needs
in collaboration with you.  The plan is revisited often to ensure the data collected
fulfill your information needs.

The findings help you make better program decisions.
Results should inspire you to think about ways to strengthen initiatives and move your organization forward.  Rather than receive a report headed directly for the file cabinet, you and the evaluator review the significance of the findings and ways you can use them.

You feel engaged in a mutual learning process.
Embedded within the evaluation process are opportunities for you to learn from each other - the evaluator to learn about your field of expertise and you to learn about evaluation techniques.  This simultaneously improves the evaluator's work and your internal capacity for ongoing evaluation.

At EVALCORP, we believe partnering with our clients is the most effective method
for getting measured outcomes and usable findings that help enhance your work
today, tomorrow, and well beyond.

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