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Team Fisher House Journal
March 2012

Thank you very much for supporting Fisher House Foundation through the Team Fisher House Program - as a fundraiser, volunteer, or donor.  Your participation in our program is making a difference in the lives of service members, veterans, and their families at their greatest times of need.

The Team Fisher House Journal is the monthly e-newsletter designed to keep you informed about our program.  Each month I highlight an event, a fundraiser, and a Fisher House guest or house story.

As a grassroots program, I depend on Team Fisher House supporters for story ideas.  If you know someone who has done a great job raising funds and awareness for Fisher House Foundation, please call or send me an email.  I'd love to feature that story in an upcoming issue.
Cathy Cabrey
Team Fisher House Program Director
Team Fisher House at the 2012 NYC Half-Marathon
Team 1775's Story
New Fisher House in Salt Lake City, Utah
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Dreyfus Lions 2011The Dreyfus Lions, a group of runners from Dreyfus Corporation, have been running for Fisher House at various races across the country since 2007.  They have run half-marathons in Atlanta, Nashville, and in New York City to raise funds and awareness for the Foundation.  Their motto, as displayed on the back of their shirts each year, is "Run for the Troops."

As of today, they have raised a total of $321,886.99 for Fisher House since the group joined the Team Fisher House Program in 2008.

Fisher House would like to thank the Dreyfus Lions for their loyal support of the Foundation.  The Dreyfus Lions truly are Champions for Military Families!

Donors are able to make comments on the Team Fisher House at the 2012 NYC Half-Marathon campaign.  Read some of them below:

"American soldiers have been required to do multiple tours of duty in harsh combat situations since the invasion of Iraq. They've demonstrated a commitment that is inspirational . . . All of these men & women deserve our gratitude & this is my small way to try to express mine."


"Proud of you Kath! Run, run, run and allow your heart to overflow with joy to the greater purpose of why you are running."


"As a veteran I can tell you, your generosity and compassion means more than you will ever know. Thanks and Good Luck!"


"Chris, I'll be thinking of you! Thanks for doing this in support of our troops. I have two nephews serving, both of which have had multiple tours in the Middle East. There is such a need! Thank you!

TEAM 1775
Team 1775 - 2011 MCM
Team 1775 at the 2011 MCM

Before moving to the national capital region in late 2010 the thought of running the Marine Corps Marathon had never crossed my mind. After settling into the Pentagon I was surprised to see how many people, not just Marines, ran in the "The People's Marathon". It was then that the quest to run 26.2 miles began to cross my mind. During the registration process for the 36th Marine Corps Marathon the thought of using the marathon as a way to help others started to appeal to me. One day while searching through the Marine Corps Marathon website I came across Team Fisher House on the charity partner link. The Fisher House Foundation has been my family's military charity for years. Having personally seen Fisher Houses built across the country when traveling for work, the decision to join Team Fisher House was automatic.


In June 2011, after my brother Ryan registered to run the marathon, "Team 1775" with its motto of "More than running..." became part of Team Fisher House. This was also our first introduction to Cathy and Stacy who have made being a part of Team Fisher House more of a family affair. More than anything else that feeling is the main reason "Team 1775" has come back for a second year. This family atmosphere is evident throughout the year as runners and volunteers are united and supportive of one another at team events and through social media. This is evident in the frequent team and training updates as well as the camaraderie within the team tent on race day.  


Being part of Team Fisher House has become contagious in that the "Team 1775's" membership has almost tripled going into the 2012 marathon. Recently while running the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC several onlookers shouted out "Go Fisher House" while I was running past. Of course I was wearing my TFH shirt at this event as well and was quite surprised by the praise. This was a common "shout out" from the crowd during last year's Marine Corps Marathon and the Army Ten Miler.  This crowd support and ever-present cowbell was what eventually powered our runners up the final hill to earn the title of Marine Corps Marathon finishers.


As Team 1775 begins its second year with Team Fisher House the call of "More Cowbell Please" has become evident by the early support received from people across the nation and why "Team 1775" is "More than Running..." in the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon!


Join Team Fisher House at the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon and MCM10K! 



VA Salt Lake City Fisher House DedicationIn 2009, Team Fisher House Marine Corps Marathon runners raised more than $250,000 for the VA Salt Lake City Fisher House. Inspired by the HBO movie Taking Chance, runners ran in memory of United States Marine Corps LCpl Chance Phelps who was killed in action in 2004.

On February 29th of this year, the Fisher House was officially dedicated at the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System. Governor Herbert of Utah and Chance's mother Gretchen Mack joined Ken Fisher in cutting the ribbon at the 58th Fisher House.

Team Fisher House runners, past and present, make a true difference in the lives of service members, veterans, and their families!