Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet September 2009
 Joan's headshotGreetings!  Happy Fall Equinox!! Have you ever noticed that once it's September it's pretty much Christmas? Well I sure notice how fast time flies this time of year.  Below you'll find my latest wolf wisdom, Rachel Fiske's cat communication story and a friend's book launch at the bottom (scroll way down!) And the featured product of course is my Animal Communication Teleseminar September 30th 5:00 pm PST.  We also have a Teleseminar with Psychic Medium John Holland called "Where do our pets go when the die and how do we connect with them?" October 5th and a Teleseminar with Dr. Roger Valentine (DVM) on "the energetic component behind allergies" - he will talk about his allergy elimination program on October 19th. Stay tuned for the November teleseminars.......

The Animal Communication class October 23-25th is filling up so if you want to fly into the Seattle area and join us - it will be great fun. Or perhaps you'd rather fly to Orlando for the November 13-15th class. Of course if you live near either of those places, you are welcome!! Please check the events page if you live in South Florida as there will be lots of events before the weekend workshop -  to benefit the Broward Humane Society Ft. Lauderdale....on November 5th and Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue November 6th in Wellington. Also some local benefits.  I know there's more - to sign up for either of those above workshops go to:
We raised over $800.00 for the South Florida SPCA at New Age Books & Things with the 2 hour class in August and over $700.00 for Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue - so here's to raising the bar in November!!
And my Animal Education Tele-Seminar Series (Be the great person your animal thinks you are!) was off to a great start with Josie Ravenwing, a Shamanic Healer and the amazing Jane Savoie long listed for the 1992 Olympics and now is a motivational speaker, has an amazing online coaching system for riders not to mention she has coached 3 Olympic teams. If you are interested in any of those past classes, let me know @ (Or they come with the package if you purchase a year of calls - and they are free for the University students.) They were AWESOME calls.
Speaking of the University, we only have 4 discounted spots left. If you are interested, please e-mail Shannon:  We will have the first round of graduates this spring!!
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Happy Fall, Joan

p.s. There are Denver and San Francisco events coming up as well ~ 

The Product of the month is my new Teleseminar: Introduction to Animal Communication September 30th 2009 at 5:00 pm PST: Click Here to Register!

  • CWALU (Communication With All Life University) Animal Education Tele-seminar is proud to join famous psychic medium John Holland for a class "Where do our pets go when they die? And how do we connect to them?" Click Here to Register!

  • John Holland is a prolific author and one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the USA. He's been lecturing, demonstrating, and giving psychic readings for private clients for over 16 years and teaches all over the world.

  • CWAL Animal Education Teleseminar is proud to join famous and daring and out of the box thinker Dr. Roger Valentine for a class on "The Energetic Component of Allergies".
    Dr. Roger Valentine (DVM) claims the only thing that looks like what he learned in vet school is surgery! That is the only time he uses his Western Medicine education.

    Dr. Roger Valentine has revolutionized Integrative Medical Care. For the last 25 years, Dr Roger Valentine's overall mission has been to reach as many people and animals as possible to help shift the way imbalances, illnesses and diseases are treated. He now treats the humans as well as the animals with his pet allergy elimination techniques.
    Click Here to Register for this amazing class!
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Call of the Wolf By Joan Ranquet   
The other day I did a phone session with a dog in Colorado that was considered terminal by the vet. Yet the dog had an enormous vibrancy. This wasn't your normal "let me reactivate to clean up unfinished business" sort of revival that cancer tends to have, this was a true joy. At 9 there was still a puppy dance when the woman came home from work.
The dog kept bringing up this 'wolf' energy - he mentioned that there was a certain wolf wisdom that he had and that she could tap into. Of course I always think that there's some learning and guidance in this work as the translator, so I had to look it up and ponder it for the next few days. The woman said that she had been using wolf energy and that she was aware of this teaching.
In Ted Andrews book "Animal Speak" he mentions Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty and Spirit. These above mentioned dog and woman had both been guardians for each other, their loyalty was surpassed by none. He was an amazing spirit. I know they had their daily rituals that they will miss but that loyalty will remain in her heart long after he's gone.
I know when I'm in a big change, ritual is what I forget the most and my day gets discombobulated. Or my week feels like a wagon with three wheels. It was an important reminder as we approach the equinox and we shift into hibernation.
Other wonderful reminders of the wolf are - they know who they are within a group and by themselves. They make quick and long term attachments - they trust themselves. They are quick, extremely smart and have an association with Ravens - sometimes a playful acknowledgement.
I love multispecies cross pollination fun. If it weren't for the wolf's willingness to play with other species, I wouldn't have two big black dogs in my bed with me! The other amazing thing about that willingness to cross pollinate - at least in this house is my two big black dogs have become aunties to kittens. When mom is off for a while taking a break, my two dogs swoop in to make sure everyone is okay. (Again that guardianship piece).
Once again, doing sessions with clients is my greatest teacher - thank you all and thank you wolf. Now if I could just remember what ritual I forgot! In the meantime if you want to stay tuned to the kittens - they are the subject of my blog more often than not.


Guided Meditation
Five years ago, I said to my daughter:  "The bad news is, I'm leaving your dad; the good news is, at his house you will have a kitten."  Ok, those were not my exact words, but that is the message I conveyed, and it worked.  It smoothed her through the transition.  Last fall we agreed the kitty, Kefir, would move to our house, and she spent the first two days literally inside the walls.  She came out in the middle of the night and ate, apparently.  I was quite frankly feeling a bit ripped off, because I haven't had a pet in years, and then I get this radically antisocial cat.  On the third evening, Lily lured her out with treats...and it took, oh, 90 minutes.  We were so patient, pretending like we didn't care if she came out or not.  But she came out and we closed the laundry room door, which had provided her entrance into the walls, and she has never been in there since.  She was forced to relocate into a rarely used closet.  And she just lived in there, on a shelf, in the basement, except when she emerged to eat.  For weeks.  Sometimes just to be mean, I'd reach in and pet her.  She pretended she didn't care, but she was starved for affection.  I knew it because she purred.  I teach yoga clients in my basement, and they would all peek in at Kefir on the shelf when they came over.  Even though she was no longer living in the walls, I was bummed because I had chosen this specific cat because she had jumped on my lap at the adoption place--she was clearly social.
Finally, after weeks, she came upstairs...lured by treats...and at some point she got comfortable being out, and in a quiet moment together, I was convinced that she said, "Hey, first you adopt me, and I'm so excited, then you send me to live with that yucky man in that tiny house for five years!  What's up with that!?"  And I hear her, and agree; I used to live with him too, and I say, "Kefir, I am so sorry, you are so right, you can have grilled swordfish every night," and we have been friends ever since.  A few times a week she does get some fresh fish. 

She is well loved.  In fact, my daughter Lily (who is now 13) is jealous of Kefir, which gives me so many ways to tease her, that it's truly not fair.  Like, she texted me from her dad's one weekend, "Hi!" and I texted back, "I can't text right now; I'm petting Kefir."  One evening she asked me to brush her hair, and I said, "I can't, I'm brushing Kefir."  But the biggest insult of all, to my preadolescent daughter, who is having one last fling of loving her mom better than anyone else in the world, is that Kefir gets to sleep in my bed, curled up beside me, and she doesn't.  I know.  It's soooo unfair.
Rachel Fiske has been a yoga teacher for 16 years and a mother for 13.  She lives in the heart of Chicago with Lily and Kefir.

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