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Oct 2009 Vol 7
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Love, Dreams, Passion, Health...
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Jeanne White I'm lucky.

I'm living the life of my dreams.

After years of the corporate world, I identified radio as my passion. Now I'm doing what I love.

Think it's impossible?  Think again.

My October 11 guests are four successful, intuitive women who have identified a life passion and turned it into a lucrative career.
Please tune in October 11, 1-2pm and find out how to achieve YOUR love, dreams, passion, health and success.

Jeanne White
The Connect Show
Love, Dreams, Passion, Health
Four Powerful Women Have the Key

Do you get up every day, thinking about doing or being whatever your heart desires?

Four women taken a close look at their lives...identified a passion and a purpose, and made their dreams a reality.

and talk to my guests

These inspiring women have achieved what many of us think is impossible....pursuing their life dreams, goals, passion, health and purpose...and emerged as successful and happy businesswomen.

Tune in on Sunday October 11th, 1-2pm and find out how you can too.

Every second SUNDAY
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Writing Contest
Submission deadline extended
The WRITE Stuff..

Extended until Oct 15!

We have had numerous inquiries from writers requesting that we extend the deadline for the writing contest. So we are pleased to announce that we are extending the deadline until October 15, 2009!

So good luck, and get writing!

About The Connect Show
The Connect Show is on a network of women hosts,  Dreamvisions7 Radio, and covers a wide range of topics ranging from business networking to current events.

My focus is to offer diverse, valuable and inspiring topics and resources.

The show airs live every second SUNDAY, 1-2pm, on Dreamvisions7 Radio and WBNW Boston 1120am.
The Connect Show
Jeanne White