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The Connect Show Aug 2009
Jeanne White is recognized and honored for empowerment activities through her radio programming.
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Jeanne White honored by Jacques Jean at the MTLC Community Support Rally Wow....I am so honored as to be (almost) speechless...

On August 20th, I attended an anniversary party and Community Support Rally for Jacques Jean and the Mattapan Technology Learning Center. Jacques runs the learning center and is a radio host in the Haitian community. I wanted to support Jacques for what he does for the community.

It was a nice event, held in a local church, with a few politicians who spoke about the school.

Jacques spoke a few words about me, which was a nice surprise.

Then almost at the end of the event, they recognized some individuals for various contributions...and my name was called. 

I was very surprised...honored...humbled.

I was called up to the stage and given a certificate from The Boston City Council and Mattapan Greater Boston Technology Center received for my empowerment activies through my radio programming.

Thanks so much to all of my friends and colleagues who make my life and my work so richly rewarding.

Jeanne White
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