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April 2010
Shallow water sightcasting with Capt. Sally
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April Fishing Forecast

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Fly Fishing Federation Gulf Coast Council
New Braunfels, TX
April 9-10, 2010

My seminar about Kayak Fly Fishing will be held on Saturday, April 9th at 12:30pm

Upcoming Capt. Sally's Fishing Retreat

By very popular demand, the first Capt. Sally's Fishing Retreat of 2010 will be open to not only women, but men and couples as well!

  So, to kick it off, on July 22nd through the 25th, the first retreat will be on Baffin Bay! 
We are offering two full days of guided fishing (either lure, fly or bait, wade or drift)
Three nights of lodging
Meals, snacks, beverages
Seminars, goodies and more!
Open to 30 people (men, women and couples)
 Seminars will be conducted by Capt. Sally, Capt. Aubrey Black and Capt. Tom Crouch, to name a few!

$585 per person
Tailing redfish photo by Capt. Sally Nov 09 
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Kelly's Korner

A black lab's perspective of life on the coast...
Kelly (top), Retta (middle) and Katie having a romp in the yard!
 Kelly and her girlfriends
Things are getting better around here.  It's been a Lab-A-Rama lately with many of my 4-legged friends stopping by for some fetch, chase and swimming in the pool.   
 My new best friend, Retta,  and my old best friend, Katie, have really kept me in good shape so far.  A new friend, a yellow lab pup named Rio is really a pain.  I don't ever remember being that annoying.  Maybe I was....

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Capt. Sally with a fat 25" trout
Capt Sally with a big trout March 2010
Woooo Hoooo!  Brought out the shorts and flip flops, put away the fleece, hats and gloves.... finally!

It's been a long haul and we have finally arrived at SPRING!  So has the fishing.  It is officially TIME TO FISH!
The flats are literally crawling with big giant trout to cast at (that are actually eating!) and lots of hungry redfish. 
Read my April fishing forecast below to get the scoop!
New, Exclusive Kayak Trip

Kayakers, are you tired of fishing where everyone else is?  Tired of being harrassed by airboats in the Lighthouse Lakes?  Then come with me to Baffin Bay, the Land Cut and the Nine Mile Hole for some un-kayak-fished areas with fish that have not been pressured.  I am offering a new, exclusive group kayak fishing trip that will take you there.  The trip is open to a minimum of six anglers, (up to ten anglers) and is all-inclusive.  Kayaks and rods/reels can be provided with advance notice.  This trip is based out of Riviera, Texas. Lodging and additional guide service and transportation will be provided by Capt. Aubrey Black and Capt. Tom Crouch.   Please contact me to schedule your custom trip or to join another group.

 It's time to fish!
Capt. Sally 
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FishingReportEarly April Fishing Forecast 

After a long and tediously cold winter, a long string of 75 degree + days have graced the middle Texas Coast recently.  These warm sunny days and balmy nights have caused water temperatures to rise into the "it's on" category!

Brent with a nice sightcasted to redfish March 2010


Fish are no longer concerned with survival, but are ready to branch out and eat in quantity.  Redfish are still nipping sand eels and crabs and trout are gorging on big mullet in the 6 to 12" (and up) category.  Water levels are still low, but soon, a push of water will usher more redfish into the super skinny waters of the back lakes.  Tiny shrimp and glass minnows will begin to arrive and lodge themselves into any cover they can find.  Since many back lakes are devoid of grass (thanks to ducks and cold water temps), any cover will do.  Find some green goo or emerging grass, or mats of dead grass and you'll find bait hiding there.  Predators know this too and will be rummaging through the matter in search of morsels hiding there. 


Stingrays bedding up provide a perfect place for redfish to find sand eels sticking their heads out of the soft mush.  Target these stingray beds in the areas where there is no grass.  Pods of hardheads are converging into the shallow water as well.  Surrounding these rolling
2 18" Trout with 8" mullet in their guts
Trout guts March 2010
balls of hardheads will be lots of hungry redfish, picking off whatever is being dislodged from the bottom by the hardheads.  At this time of the year, predators will use every method in their arsenal to find food. 


Water temperatures still matter, so fish the warmest water possible.  If a cold night does arrive, take this into consideration when picking your fishing spot for the day. 


Flies of choice are small clousers in white/chartreuse, all white and natural colors.  Small crab flies and any bottom dwelling flies will work as well.  Lures chunkers toss Super Spook Jr's in light and dark colors, 3" soft plastic paddletails in natural colors and 1/8th ounce weedless gold spoons.  Add a crank bait like a Baby 1- when it's blustery and there is no floating grass.


Talk about sightcasting to the trophy trout that are crawling in
Photo courtesy of Mike Blanco!
Capt. Sally with another big trout
huge numbers all over Estes Flats.... there are a bunch of them and they are big!  Unlike all winter long, these big fish are currently eating.  Shallow water sightcasting to large numbers of gigantic trout won't last long, however, as they will be sliding off onto the edges to begin to spawn.  You will still be able to find them, however, early in the morning or late in the day along the very shallowest of edges.  Now is the time to target super shallow, hungry, trophy trout in Rockport.  On the fly or on a lure, put it in front of them and they will eat it.


Full-on Spring is coming a little later this year, but we are rushing there!  It's great to finally be able to go fishing in Crocs and without three layers of clothes!  Here's a very warm welcome from me to the hot, sweaty, sunscreen-in-your-eyes days of spring and summer!  It can't come too soon!

Capt. Sally




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Thank you very much for your interest in my fishing guide business.  It means so much to me and I cherish you as clients and friends. 
Capt. Sally
kayaker at sunrise