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  • Ask Steve!
  • Deep Purple Fan Scrap Book
  • Deep Purple Merchandise

  • Deep Purple Fan Scrap Book is compiling a fan scrap book and we need your help! We want you to submit a page to be included in the scrap book.

    Get together all of your Deep Purple memories- ticket stubs, photos of the band, newspaper clippings, and- most importantly- pictures of you, the fans! We'll then put together the best pages to be included in the scrap book, which we will present to the band.

    Not only that, but the person who submits the coolest page for the scrap book will win an autographed photo of the band!

    Deep Purple Merchandise

    Just in time for the holidays!

    From new tees and bandannas to customized lanyards, check out the great stuff has to offer!

    Ask Steve!

    Have a question for Steve? Here's your chance to ask! Steve will be doing a Q&A regularly for and you get to ask the questions. Email your entry HERE.

    Read the very latest "Ask Steve" Q&A where Jim in Florida asks "You stepped into a well established band 10 years ago. Any slight case of the nerves? " Check out Steve's response HERE.

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