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  • Deep Purple VIP Fan Experience Packages is your one stop shop for Deep Purple VIP Fan Experience Packages. We have opportunities for you to take backstage tours, get exclusive merchandise, and even meet the band! To see the VIP packages being offered at your show, just click on the link on the table below.

    10/31/07 National Stadium Bucharest, Romania On Sale
    11/01/07 Sporthall Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria On Sale
    11/03/07 Setra Sarajevo, Bosnia + Herzegovenia On Sale
    11/04/07 Sporthall Croatia Split, Croatia On Sale
    11/06/07 Sportarena Budapest, Hungary On Sale
    11/08/07 Eishalle Graz, Austria On Sale
    11/09/07 Palasport - Pordenone Pordenone, Italy On Sale
    11/10/07 Palasport - Mantova Mantova, Italy On Sale
    11/12/07 Palazzetto Varese, Italy On Sale
    11/14/07 Le Tarmac Chateauroux, France On Sale
    11/15/07 Zenith Omega Toulon, France On Sale
    11/16/07 Parc des Expositions Perpignan, France On Sale
    11/18/07 L'Olympia Paris, France On Sale
    11/19/07 Country Hall Liege, Belgium On Sale
    11/21/07 Docks Oceane Le Havre, France On Sale
    11/22/07 Amphithea 4000 Angers, France On Sale
    11/23/07 Parc de Expos de Penfeld Brest, France On Sale
    11/25/07 Espace Antares Le Mans, France On Sale
    11/26/07 Zenith D'Orleans Orleans, France On Sale
    11/27/07 Espace Carat Angouleme - Isle D'Espagnac, France On Sale
    11/28/07 Salle Micropolis Besancon, France On Sale

    Deep Purple Forums

    Want to hang out with with other Deep Purple fans from across town, across the country, or around the world? Check into the forums and check out what everyone is talking about! The Forums are Deep Purple fan message boards location where you can chat along with Deep Purple fans & followers from just around the corner or around the globe! You'll even get the latest news and updates on Deep Purple appearances, interviews, and a whole lot more!

    Ask Steve!

    Have a question for Steve? Here's your chance to ask! Steve will be doing a Q&A regularly for and you get to ask the questions. Email your entry HERE and read his answers at the link below.

    Steves Q&A

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