Exciting things are happening here at! Be sure to check out the latest Q&A with Steve Morse where he talks about his techniques for finding creativity, his favorite scales, and his take on touring. is the number one source for Official news about the band, Tour dates, and more. You can also check out interviews with the band members, participate in polls & contests, and even chat with fellow Deep Purple fans!

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  • Ask Steve!
  • New Deep Purple Wallpapers
  • Deep Purple Forums

  • New Deep Purple Wallpapers

    Now you can see Deep Purple every time you turn on your computer! Check out these brand new wallpapers from

    Deep Purple Forums

    Want to hang out with with other Deep Purple fans from across town, across the country, or around the world? Check into the forums and check out what everyone is talking about! The Forums are Deep Purple fan message boards location where you can chat along with Deep Purple fans & followers from just around the corner or around the globe! You'll even get the latest news and updates on Deep Purple appearances, interviews, and a whole lot more!

    Ask Steve!

    Have a question for Steve? Here's your chance to ask! Steve will be doing a Q&A regularly for and you get to ask the questions. Email your entry HERE and read his answers at the link below.

    Steves Q&A

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