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Actuarial Certificate (Section 295 - 390) for only $82.50




Actuarial Certificate (Section 295 - 390) Launched

- Only $82.50





It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have finished testing our Actuarial module which was in production since January 2011. We officially launched our module on 1st October 2011.


As you know a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) can claim exemption from paying tax on income from those assets (pension assets) which are supporting an income stream, such as an account based pension being paid to a member of the fund. This income is called Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI).



Fund income, such as concessional contributions or non-arms length income cannot be exempted. Also some expenses which relate to both accumulation assets and pension assets must be apportioned so that only proportion of expenses relating to production of assessable income is deductible to the fund.




For example, where the fund has only one bank account and the fund is paying bank charges, only a percentage of this expense can be deductible as all interest income may not assessable.



Exemption from income tax is not automatic a fund must obtain an actuarial certificate (under Section 295 - 390 of ITAA) before the fund can be audited and lodge its income tax return where the pension assets are mixed (un-segregated) with non pension assets (accumulation assets).




Our automated online system collects information to prepare an Actuarial Certificate to enable your Self managed super fund to claim Exempt Current Pension Income (ECPI) where the fund assets are not segregated between pension and non pension assets.



We instantly email preliminary exempt income percentage so that you can continue to finalize your accounts. Signed actuarial certificate is emailed to you after thorough checking of your data by our actuary, usually within hours.




We do not use confusing online excel sheet for your data entry, like other providers, we have developed our own "Question and Answer Style" in-house module which collects data and calculates exempt pension income, online, for your fund. We store your certificates (password protected) on our website for you to download from anywhere in the world 24/7 from our innovative document manager.



Due to our advanced technical system, come huge cost savings to the actuary which we want to share with you and have priced the certificate for only $125 Incl. GST.




I understand that it may take a few minutes extra for you to generate first certificate as you familiarise yourself with our system, to assist you further, we have decided to discount it further to only $82.50 Incl. GST for some time.


Values will be able to be rolled over in the following year, which means that it should not take you more than 10 minutes to order certificates for 2nd year for the same SMSF.



To read more about module please visit or click here.To purchase anything from our website you have to register with us, registration is free. We offer full money back guarantee: if you do not like our legal documents for any reason, we will be happy to return our fees without asking any questions.


I invite you to test drive our system and save yourself time and costs to your clients.


Manoj Abichandani

SMSF Specialist Advisor

SMSF Specialist Auditor











Our oline ordering system is very simple, once you are registered with us, log in and answer to our smart and easy structured questions - clues and explanations are provided. Once you pay our low fee, perfectly customized legal documents are emailed to you, instantly.

The whole process takes not more than 20 minutes!




Every legal document purchased from us is reviewed by our support team for all structural issues, mergers, apparent spelling inaccuracies, address problems etc.


Sales Team
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