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New Strategy : With SMSF, Reduce cost of your Home Loan to only 3.5%
October  2007

New Strategy : With SMSF, reduce cost of your Home Loan to only 3.5%

Learn this new Strategy in our seminar:

9th October 2007 Tuesday at 6 PM
At Mingara Recreation Club - Mingara Drive, Tumbi Umbi  

The fee for the seminar is $50 Incl. GST.

However, it can be FREE to you, if you insert "MINGARACLUB" at the promotional code.  Click here to book.

  • How to reduce cost of interest on own home from 7.5% to cost of only 3.5% if you are 50 year old or above
  • How to operate a Self Managed Super Fund and pay pensions from SMSF
  • New Simple Super rules and the new simple pensions rules from 1st July 2007
  • Benefits of Salary Sacrifice in comparison to Negative Gearing
  • Transition to Retirement Pensions - work and still be on a pension - how they help to reduce tax by 15% for over 55 year olds
  • Super Co-contributions for Self Employed - how to access $1500 whilst you are self employed
SMSF Specialist AdvisorManoj Abichandani
SMSF Specialist Advisor

Manoj has worked in SMSF industry for the last 14 years and has been a part in establishing over 1000 new funds. He develops strategies andcpa consults to other accountants. He currently works for a cpa firm who specializes in SMSF with over 470 funds.

With his simple delivery style and plain English, he demystifies the new simple super rules.



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