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Consult your physician before using any natural remedy. These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Lord is the Master Physician. The Bible says He is the One who "forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Ps.103:3

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     Here are some wonderful health guidelines for you to practice in 2011. We are closer to Christ's coming then ever before, and we need to get in the best shape as possible so we can share the health message with the world and the church. There is no better way of convincing people of God's health program then by living out the principles in your own life. As people notice your health and energy and see the glow of health on your face, they will want to know what you are doing. Here are the guidelines for 2011 that you can share with them.
1. Eat a whole plant food diet with lots of organic fruits and vegetables from the garden. I always say, "Eat rainbows." Remember that even the color of the plants have healing power. Such as the red pigment in tomatoes known as lycopene can help preventing prostate cancer. My advice for men is to eat many red fruits and vegetables to avoid prostate problems and cancer. Also a plant-based diet is highly alkaline. Acid foods like meat, dairy, and sugar will make you more vulnerable to disease and cancer.
2. Get 60 to 80 percent of your diet from living or live food such as fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. There are many great raw cookbooks available with delicious recipes. Another easy way to get plenty of healthy raw food is to start the day with the following Super Energy Breakfast Drink: Start with a good blender or Vita-Mix. Add 1 apple, 1 banana, a handful of grapes, 1 kiwi, or whatever fruit you like, 3 tablespoons of Organic Flaxseed Oil, 2 Scoops of SuperManna, add a few ice cubes or use frozen fruit to give it a little chill but not too cold. I also may add a tablespoon of pumpkin, flax, and sunflower seeds  and perhaps 10 almonds. Add all of the above to 24 ounces of organic apple juice and blend for 30 seconds to one minute. This will make four or five servings. You will get amazing amounts of energy from the 14 Super Foods and the four or five servings of fresh live fruits seeds and nuts first thing in the morning, right when you need it. The Super Energy Breakfast Drink contains all the protein, essential fatty acids, and healthy carbohydrates you need for the a great start for the day. In addition to the breakfast drink, have a big green salad for lunch or dinner with all your favorite vegetables containing even more fiber and protein, vitamins, and minerals. If you will eat 8 servings of fresh organic produce every day you will protect yourself against cancer, heart disease and other major diseases. Eat a high alkaline diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. Try growing some of your own food and plant some fruit trees. Citrus trees are beautiful in landscaping the yard and they are evergreen. Teach your children how to plant seeds and make a garden together. Make it fun. I just started a new garden method called the Square Foot Garden. You use less water, spend less time weeding, and get more produce with less time and energy. I bought 15 raised garden beds and am so excited on teaching this method at BellaVita and our coming Medical Missionary School -- R I S E N!
4. Avoid eating animal foods. Animal food is high in protein and fat that increases one's chance of getting cancer and other chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Animal food is void of all fiber making it a major cause of colorectal cancer. It is also high in cholesterol and therefore a contributor of heart disease. Cultures that eat the highest amounts of animal foods have the highest amounts of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other diseases. Eating the flesh of animals is not necessary, and in fact contributes to an early grave. Global obesity is plaguing the world and animal foods are a major cause of the increase in overweight people. Obesity is a major cause of disease and diabetes.
5. Avoid all dairy products. Dairy is liquid meat, and any disease in the animal is most likely also in its secretions. Milk is the number-one cause of childhood anemia and allergy. I remember the late Dr. Vigil Hulse once told me that as a Milk and Dairy inspector for 13 years in California, he found 80% of the herds had cows with leukemia and 50% of the herds had cows with Bovine AIDS. This was in the county in which I live. Milk Does A Body Good? Instead, drink water or fresh juices when thirsty. The FDA allows 750 million pus cells per liter of milk.
6. Avoid refined white sugar, white flour, and ordinary salt or sea salt. Use Sugar is acid forming and weakens the immune system. It contributes to diabetes and obesity. When using salt, use Celtic Salt or Real Salt instead for they contain all the minerals from the ocean instead of just sodium and chloride.  Regular table salt is a poison to your cells. Learn to eat foods as close to God's original design as possible.

Avoid artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet that causes lesions in the brain, MS symptoms, diabetes, and painful joints to name a few. Learn to eat food as God gave it in the garden like fresh fruit which I call "God's candies." Artificial sweeteners are associated with increase disease and cancers.
8. Exercise at least four or five days a week.  We need all the oxygen we can get. My favorite exercises are racquetball and weightlifting. This gives me the combination of aerobic exercise like racquetball for my heart and circulation and anaerobic exercise like weightlifting for building bone density, strength, and toning the muscles. Both forms of exercise are good and necessary for eliminating toxins through the lymph system. Exercise is wondeful for fighting depression and increasing longevity.  Perfect health comes with perfect circulation.
9. Increase your consumption of pure water and drink 6 to 8 glasses a day or more depending on your size and weight. One rule is a half-ounce for every pound of body weight. Avoid chlorine and fluoride. They can cause cancer, hypothyroidism, and other complications. Use a water filter if necessary.
10. Start drinking fresh organic juices everyday if possible. A combination of carrot, apple, celery, chard and parsley is a great immune-building formula that is high in potassium and phytochemicals. I make a green smoothie in the morning by adding green leafy vegetables like kale to my fruit smoothie. The leafy vegetables with the fruits do not cause indigestion.
11. Cleanse your elimination organs on a seasonal basis. Cleanse the colon, liver, kidney, lung, blood, lymph and skin using organic herbal formulas, saunas, skin brushing, etc. And do not be afraid of cleansing. Remember the old saying: "Death begins in the colon." I recommend doing a 10-day cleanse like Modern Manna's Super Cleanse. Many people come to BellaVita for a fabulous cleansing and detoxifying experience like no others. We constantly witness healing miracles at our programs.
12. Have a positive attitude and get moving if you feel depressed. Doing something for someone else that has a need will help heal your own discouragement. My #1 recommendation for depression is exercise! Memorize Scripture promises and claim them when you are assailed with negative thoughts. I recite Isaiah
26:3, 4: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: 
13. Breathe deeply several times a day of fresh air. Take a walk in the open air. Walking outside or through a forest is always nice and refreshing. Exercise in the open air is a blessing.
14. Get 30 minutes of sunshine every day on your front and back if possible, but do not burn. The best times are before 11 AM or after 4 PM.

15: Exercise self control and practice temperance. Temperance is a Bible doctrine. It means to abstain entirely from things that are harmful and use judiciously the things that are good. In other words do not overeat or be a glutton. Some Bible verses to review on temperance are: Acts 24:24-26; 1 Cor. 9: 24-27; Galatians 5:22-25; Titus 2:1, 2; 2 Peter 1:6. Try to avoid eating between meals or before bed. Eat at regular intervals so digestion will be thorough and complete.
16. Trust in God, spend time in prayer, and study your Bible every day. Prayer is the key in the hand of faith that unlocks Heaven's storehouse. Ask for fresh supplies of grace everyday. Make time for morning prayer, devotion and have family worship everyday. I have made family worship a priority and have seen the difference in my children. 
17. Love your enemies and forgive those that have wronged you. Remember, Forgiveness is the key to freedom. Don't delay since Christ is coming soon!    
Please forward this email to your friends and family or anyone else who may benefit from it. May God richly bless you as you begin a new year!

May God bless your New Year,
Danny Vierra

Adventures in Health DVD Series
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Adventures in Health 3D      The most talked about health DVD series ever is now available as a great witnessing tool for reaching souls with the health message. 
   Featured on 3ABN, the Faith Channel, other television networks and radio,this 14-Part series contains cutting-edge information on the healing power of live foods, fresh organic juices, herbal medicines, cleansing and detoxifying the elimination organs of the body, and how to use natural remedies for different diseases.
     The three powerful shows entitled Can Attitude Affect Your healing? are extremely helpful for those suffering from the damaging effects of negative emotions. "Sickness of the mind prevails everywhere. Nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation here ... eating to the very soul and weakening the life-forces." MCP, p. 59.
     Junie Lawson hosts as health evangelist Danny Vierra teaches you the secrets and natural healing methods he has learned over the past 25 years! The 14 life-changing shows include:
  • The Danny Vierra Story
  • The State of Health in America
  • Allopathic vs. Natural Healing
  • Health and Healing Lessons from the Bible
  • Cleansing and Detox Part - 1
  • Cleansing and Detox Part - 2
  • Juicing and Live Foods
  • Natural Remedies for What Ails You
  • Natural Remedies for Children
  • Women's Health
  • Attitude and Healing Part - 1
  • Attitude and Healing Part - 2
  • Attitude and Healing Part - 3
  • BellaVIta Lifestyle Program 
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One Final Note
I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Time is short and Jesus will be coming soon. The signs are all around us.

You can now make donations online at, or just drop me a note at or call 1-800-655-3228. Perhaps we can encourage one another.

In His Service,
Danny Vierra
Modern Manna

Dear Supporters of Modern Manna


     As a special "thank you" for your prayers and support of Modern Manna, I am enclosing a special DVD as a gift to you this holiday season. The message, "Bible Prophecy and the Standard American Diet," was a straight testimony on health that I gave to the Remnant SDA Church in Silver Springs, MD. Over 300 Christians from India heard the call of the third angel and responded to the altar call to repent and live out the principles of the health message. 

     This is one example of the action-packed year for Modern Manna. I am traveling across the country giving revival and reformation messages to a number of churches. Many more are scheduled for 2011 including: San Diego, Glendale, Visalia, Florida, and New York.

     Praise God for the thousands that are responding to the message and taking a stand on the Lord's side. Animal foods and dairy products are filled with disease and the world will soon learn the results of consuming these foods like never before. The people of God must awake and prepare themselves before they can prepare others.

     I pray this DVD motivates you to sound the God-given health message to a world that is fast becoming an epidemic of lifestyle-related disease. Copy the DVD and share it fast. If you need more copies we will provide them for only $3.00 each, plus shipping. Downloads will be available on our website soon.

     We have seen many miracles at BellaVita Lifestyle Center. The Bible promises: "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Ps. 103:2,3. We are seeing the drug addicts set free, tumors shrink, chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension reversed in days. Emotionally broken souls suffering from painful past experiences are set free in Christ for the first time in their lives.

     Modern Manna's goals for 2011 are the following:

1. Speaking engagements worldwide.

2. Streamlining messages on our new website.

3. BellaVita Lifestyle Center 10-day programs

4. Special 5-day Detox and Cancer Project at BellaVita

5. DVDs in our new Modern Manna Media building and studio

6. Our own TV show called Lifestyle for Excellent Health

7. The Health and Healing Crusade, June 17-19.

8. Bible Studies on Health and Healing

9. R I S E N - (Remedial and Integrated School of Evangelism and Naturopathy) - To be launched in September 2011.

10. The Elijah Prophecy - The free weekly e-newsletter. We have nearly 5,000 subscribers. Sign up on our website at

11. The Health Tip of The Day on Facebook every day. We have over 4,000 friends now.

12. Sending out hundreds of CDs and DVDs to our supporters every month. (A one-time donation of $100 per year, or download for free on our website). Please contact us at to your preference at 209.334.3868, at, or by mail.   

     Once again, thank you for your support for the new studio and our recent health crusade. Our most pressing need is to get the TV studio up and running. Your loving gifts will be used to purchase new lights for the TV studio ($4,500) and an additional HD camera ($5,000. Your gifts are tax-deductible and will help Modern Manna share the health message and the gospel with the world. Please join us as we prepare people for the Coming of our Lord.

God bless you,

Danny Vierra

Modern Manna

Speaking Engagements for Danny Vierra

January 8, 9, 2011
1630 E Madison Ave
El Cajon, CA

January 16-25, 2011
BellaVita Lifestyle Center
10-Day Cleansing Program
Medical Missionary Training

February 4-6, 2011
El Evangelio Eterno
333 E. Colorado Blvd.
Glendale, CA

February 26, 27, 2011
Visalia, CA (tentative)

March 11 -13, 2011
For Lauderdale, Florida

March 20 -29, 2011
BellaVita Lifestyle Center
10-Day Cleansing Program
Medical Missionary Training

April 2011
Rekindling Your Spirit Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 15 -24, 2011
BellaVita Lifestyle Center
10-Day Cleansing Program
Medical Missionary Training

June 17 - 19
Modern Manna's Health and Healing Crusade
Lodi, CA


November 14-23
January 16-25
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