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Stephanie Draus, ND, is now practicing at the offices of Performance Chiropractic, in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood.  Appointments are Saturdays only, and you can make an appointment with Stephanie online.

You can now purchase a selection of supplements hand-picked by Stephanie at Green Grocer Chicago, 1402 W Grand (Grand & Noble). You can pick up your supplements at convenient hours while filling your grocery bag with local produce.

You can also order supplements through Emerson Ecologics using the link on this page. You will receive a 10% discount on all shipments.

If you're interested in naturopathic care, but find that my visits are beyond your means at the moment, please consider making an appointment with the naturopathic medicine students at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard. The students work under the direct supervision of myself and several of my colleagues, and are eager to put their new skills to work! Visits run about $80 for an intake, and $40-50 for a return visit. This is also a good option for folks in the western suburbs who can't make the trip to the city. To schedule, call 630-629-9664 and ask to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly Baltazar.
Friends of Stellaria  Hip Circle Studio (classes in dance, exercise & parenting, Evanston)
Touch Transform (massage; classes in Reiki & other healing arts, Logan Square)
Provenance Food & Wine (Logan Square, Lincoln Square)
Molly Moynahan (writing instruction, Chicago)

You can read more about the changes to Stephanie's practice here.

February 2011: Six Years of Wellness!

Stephanie Cooking Gumbo Dec 2010Greetings!

Six years ago this month I opened the doors of Stellaria Natural Health. So many changes since then, in your lives and in ours. Births and deaths; partnerships and splits; beginnings and endings; blizzards, heat waves and even a city tornado or two!

In Fall of 2009, I went through a change of my own, when I was appointed a full-time faculty member at National University of Health Sciences. I now spend my weekdays in the suburbs, engaged in the business of training naturopathic and chiropractic students. And while this work has honed my clinical skills, it left very little time for running the complicated business that Stellaria had become.

So last June I consolidated the business into a solo naturopathic practice, and moved out of our space in Logan Square. I now maintain a small private practice at Performance Chiropractic's space in the West Loop. I am available there on Saturdays, starting this weekend--click here to schedule an appointment.

My intention in this seventh year of practice is to create strategies that allow you to benefit from my skills and knowledge in new ways, and to expand on our pathways of communication*.

I will also reinforce my emphasis on creativity as a vital part of a healthy life. Artists, click here to read about one tangible benefit of this perspective.

I'm very excited to tell you about the first strategy, a program called The Wellness Inventory. Scroll down to read more about this interactive approach to optimal health.

Look for more changes in the coming months!

I hope to talk with you soon, in person or online.


Stephanie Draus, ND

*While my commitment to the patients and clients of Stellaria remains strong, I realize that maintaining communication has been difficult. I apologize for the dropped calls, lost messages, and other problems we have experienced in the past few months. I always try to get back to you as soon as possible, but please realize that I spend most of my day away from the phone. If you need a quick answer, it's usually best to send me an email.

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Wheel Words 125wellnessThe Wellness Inventory is a remarkable tool for assessing and addressing key areas of health and wholeness. Based on the pioneering work of John Travis, MD, MPH, the Wellness Inventory reflects a belief that true health is a function of how well and how fully we live our lives, rather than a measure of how sick we feel.

You can use the Inventory to track and monitor your progress towards a specific goal, or to help you correct areas where you feel "out of balance": perhaps your diet is full of fresh local vegetables, but you have trouble making time for your art. Or perhaps you are spending so much time at the gym that you are left with no time to cook.  


The best part of the Inventory from my perspective is that it allows me to walk with you on this health journey. Once you subscribe to the Inventory, I can view your goals and help you meet them. We can coordinate the Inventory with more extensive one-on-one visits or with your current treatment plan, or just use it as a reminder system.


It allows you to create a truly individual vision of wellness and to do that with as little or as much support as you desire.   


The cost is just $40 for a 12-month subscription.


Please click here for more information. To sign up, just contact me. 

Discounts for Artists!
artdiscountIf you make your living with your pen or your guitar, your brush or your feet, you will receive half price off all follow-up visits with Stephanie Draus, ND. (First visit is full-price, $175; follow-ups are discounted to $40).

Schedule your appointment online or email us! 
Fine print: offers may change at any time. Contact us with questions.