Transportation Economic Development Impact System
Issue #9, April 2010
New Users
Recovery Act (ARRA)
Tax and Finance Module
New Freight Module
New Case Study 
New Forum
This newsletter provides updates on use of TREDIS - the system for assessing economic impacts and benefits of transportation projects and policies. If you do not wish to receive future editions, please use the unsubscribe link at the end of this document. 
--The TREDIS Team

New Users

We welcome the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) in Colorado, and the Institute for Trade and Transportation (ITTS) - a southeastern states agency based in Louisiana, as the two newest members of the TREDIS User Family. We also welcome the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the first university to use TREDIS as a classroom teaching tool.

Recovery Act: Spotlight on the Northeast

This issue, we spotlight the northeast states, where two states (Vermont Agency of Transportation and Maine Dept. of Transportation) received ARRA High Speed Rail grants, and Maine received a TIGER grant for port expansion projects, all using TREDIS to help generate job and economic benefit estimates in their applications.  

New Tax & Finance Module   

The Tax & Finance Module was released in January and it was featured in our February webinar. It provides new capabilities to evaluate the state and local tax revenue impacts of transportation scenarios, and to distinguish public and private sector consequences of toll, pricing and public/private partnership alternatives. <Read More>

New Freight Module

The Freight Module is to be released in the coming months, and it is currently scheduled to be featured in our April webinar. It provides new capabilities to profile the mix of products moving into and out of study areas, both domestically and internationally - in terms of value, tonnage, mode and truck traffic. < Learn More at our Upcoming Webinar >

New Case Study - Statewide Project Prioritization

A number of states and MPOs are starting to use TREDIS to aid in project evaluation, prioritization and selection. Kansas DOT has produced a white paper that describes their process. <Read More>
New Forum 
The new Forum is up and running, with discussion as well as Q&A on many aspects of TREDIS. Anyone can read it. To post questions or comments, all you need to do is to register as a Forum user -- which anyone can do regardless of whether or not you are currently a TREDIS user. <See the Forum>