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Dr. Richard J. Laub



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What Is Humic Acid?
Where Does It Come From?
Why Laub BioChem?

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What Is Humic Acid?


Humic acid-a soil extract-is one of the newest, most-exciting natural products to reach the nutraceutical marketplace in recent years.  It offers far-reaching benefits for human health: when properly sourced and processed, it is transformed into Laub BioChem's VFI Humic Acid.  

Where Does It Come From?

Humic acid is the generic name for a substance found in soil deposits known variously as lignite, leonardite, or brown coal. Humic materials are three-dimensional dendritic polymers whose structure is similar to the spokes of a wagon wheel emanating from a central core. They are highly functionalized, and contain a large number of different chemical types of bridging structures and terminal groups.  When properly sourced and processed, humic acid is transformed into a highly-efficacious safe all-natural broad-spectrum addition to your daily health regimen.

Why Choose Laub BioChem?


Laub BioChem leads the industry in scientific research and development of humic acid.  Sixteen years of in-house research.  Fifteen patents worldwide.  Extensive independent-laboratory in vitro and in vivo clinical data to back up our safety and efficacy science.  No other company compares.  Period.

     You Should Know:  Humic acid from different sources is NOT the same!  We guarantee that the humic acid you get from us is pure, potent, and safe - 100 percent of the time.  Time after time.

     At Laub BioChem, we start with the most efficacious raw material that Mother Nature provides.

     We then process the raw material into the world's premium grade of humic acid - which meets our uncompromising standards for safety, efficacy, consistency, and purity.

     All Laub BioChem humic acid is subjected to comprehensive analysis and testing, so we know, and can assure you, that our products are the best in the industry.

     The world's best Source.  Superior Processing technology.  Extensive scientific Testing.  That's the Laub BioChem SPT Advantage.  It's our guarantee of quality that you won't find anywhere else.


Laub BioChem.  Your source for the World's Premium Grade VFI Humic Acid.  



 Dr. Richard J. Laub

 Laub BioChemicals Corp.