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June 2012   Volume 4 Issue 12 

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Library/CELT Partner on Summer Writing Institute
Looking for a Relaxing Summer Read?
Open Access De-Mystified
The Eagle: Government Resources Discovery
New Resources
Library People and Accomplishments

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Library/CELT Partner on Summer Writing Institute

CollaborateA three-day Summer Writing Institute developed by CELT and the Library gave faculty the tools-and the time-to concentrate on their writing and publication projects. Coupling a writer's retreat with coaching and instructional sessions moved the present and future authors along the path to publication.

With hands-on activities from abstract-writing to evaluating manuscripts to online searching for publishing venues, the writers learned and honed research and writing skills. The insights of a panel of IPFW faculty journal editors provided tips and real-life advice for authors in the submission and manuscript evaluation process.

Helmke librarians presented information on the library tools which can be used to identify journals, instructions to authors, alert services, research literature, and citation analysis. Dean Truesdell, who is a campus contact for copyright, reviewed authors' rights related to publisher copyright agreements. The Guides prepared for the Writing Institute have a permanent home on the library's website. Faculty or departments interested in presentations on these topics should contact their departmental liaison librarian.

Many thanks to Gail Rathbun, Ludy Goodson and Stephanie Stephenson of CELT for their creativity, planning and hard work to make this collegial and informative opportunity possible. Thanks also to Carol Sternberger, associate vice chancellor for faculty development and the Office of Academic Affairs for supporting this workshop.


Looking for a Relaxing Summer Read?
ACPLCheck out the Best Sellers on Helmke Library's first floor, a special service provided by Allen County Public Library (ACPL). We are now submitting "special requests" for specific titles or books by your favorite author(s). The next list of requests will go out to ACPL the first week of July and books will be received shortly thereafter.
Please submit requests in writing to Deb Kelley; you will be notified when the books arrive.
Open Access De-Mystified


This is part three of a four-part series on Open Access (see also Part I and Part II).  Open access seeks to provide scholarly literature online, free of charge, and free of most copyright restrictions. This month we look at Open Access repositories.
Part III:  OA Repositories
Another way that authors can provide open access to their research is through Open Access (OA) repositories, such as IPFW's Opus.  The purpose of most OA repositories is to collect, preserve, and disseminate the intellectual output of an academic institution (e.g. IPFW) or a discipline (e.g.PubMed Central, a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the National Library of Medicine).  OA repositories are not publishers, but provide access to scholarship published elsewhere. The OA repository seeks to facilitate scholarly communication by providing barrier-free access to everyone in contrast to the narrow readership of most journals.  More . . .


Summer is upon us, and the academic conference season is in full swing.  If  you are planning a trip - scholarly or otherwise - use these apps to help your travel go more smoothly.
TripitFirst things first: get organized.  Forward all of your confirmation email to TripIt, and the app will create an itinerary customized to your plans.  Add maps, recommendations, and photos, then access your schedule online any time.  With an upgraded version ($49/year), TripIt will notify you when your flight status changes or when airfare prices drop.
FlySmartOnce you're en route, use FlySmart to navigate all of your airport connections.  The app includes directions to and from most major US and international airports, as well as terminal maps and customer service contact information.  The flight tracking feature will help you stay informed about travel delays.  Best of all, FlySmart is free!
SayHiIf you are traveling internationally, don't leave home without SayHi Translate.  Tap on the app's microphone button and it will listen, record your words, and translate your speech into both spoken and written versions of the language you specify.  Since the app displays both the primary and secondary languages, you can monitor the accuracy of each transcription, making edits as needed.  The app is designed for back-and-forth communication, so you can be sure your cab driver knows where he's headed.  It will even translate your "American English" into "British English" or "Australian English," if you just want a laugh.  For $1, this app is fantastyczny!


The Eagle:
Government Resources Discovery
FDLPMost people know that Congress proposes bills, which the President then signs into law. But not everything that carries the rule of law can be traced back to the President's desk. Where do you learn about the rules or regulations proposed by government agencies such as the Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Transportation Department? Why, in the Federal Register!
The Federal Register (often abbreviated as FR or Fed. Reg.) is the official journal of the executive branch of the federal government, and contains the daily publications of government agencies, as well as presidential executive orders and proclamations. Every year, the Government Printing Office codifies the daily Federal Register into the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and organizes it by topic or subject matter. 
So how do you find these agency publications? You can access both publications through FDSys (the Federal Digital System), as well as ProQuest Congressional. The FDSys homepage has links to both the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations. FDSys also allows researchers to explore the CFR by citation and the FR by citation. Finally, you can search ProQuest Congressional, through the Regulations tab on the left-hand side. The Keyword Search allows you to search both publications by topic, and the Get a Document tab allows citation-based discovery.
Happy searching!
New Resources 
IPFW subscribes to Project MUSE, a non-profit provider of digital humanities and social science content.  New titles added to the database include:

The Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum or "Unity of the Brethren") arose in what is now known as the Czech Republic in the late fourteenth century. Fleeing persecution, the Moravians arrived in North America in the 1700s, settling especially in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and later in what is now Winston Salem, North Carolina. The history of the Moravian Church is vital for understanding not only European church history but also the history of the church in North America.

Library People and Accomplishments
Brandon BowenBrandon Bowen has been accepted to the first class of the Indiana Librarian Leadership Academy.  The program is sponsored by the Indiana State Library to prepare the library community's future leaders for 21st century challenges.  Members of the Academy must make a three-year commitment to attend several intensive multi-day workshops, take five online courses, complete a capstone project, and move from being a student to mentor and leader as part of the Indiana State Library Professional Development Committee Speakers' Bureau.
Truesdell, Cheryl B. (2012). The Academic Library and the Re-imagining of Undergraduate Education. Indiana Libraries, 31(1): 30-36


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