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April 2012   Volume 4 Issue 10 

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National Student Employment Week
Library Open 24/7
Open Access De-Mystified
New Resources
FAME Art Exhibition
Library People and Accomplishments

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National Student Employment Week,
Student Workers RockApril 8-14, 2012
Staffing the Service Desks on the 1st floor and in the 2nd floor Learning Commons, shelving books and journals, gathering materials for the busy Document Delivery Service, helping fellow students with computers and photocopiers,  digitizing materials for library databases like mDON - all of these are part of library student employees' tasks.  For the 90 hours the Helmke Library is open per week during the academic year, there are student employees here to make the library and its services run smoothly.

We are also delighted to have the LRT (ITS Lab Response Team) students in residence in the Learning Commons.

We appreciate the students' contribution every day of the year and we were happy to join in the official recognition of National Student Employment Week.

Thank you to the Library and Learning Commons current student employees:

A.J., junior, English   ◊   Aaron, senior, English   ◊   Ajna, junior, Photography

Alysen, senior, Communication   ◊   Amy, senior, Music Education

Ben, freshman, Psychology (intends to switch to Music)

Boming, freshman, Engineering   ◊   Dima, senior, General Studies

Dong, junior, Fine Arts   ◊   Ellen, senior, Fine Arts

Emily, freshman, Elementary Education

Joseph, senior, Political Science and History

Josh, senior, History   ◊   Kayla, senior, English Writing, minor in Linguistics

Natalie, sophomore, Business Marketing

Onyinye, junior, Account Business and Economics Public Policy

Paige, sophomore, English   ◊   Pam, senior, Human Services

Sara B., junior, English, minors in Business and Women's Studies

Sara S., senior, Pre-Med and Criminal Justice

Shraddhesh, sophomore, Computer Science   ◊   Tony, senior, Mathematics


Library Open 24/7 During Dead and Finals Weeks
Coffee Study Break, April 30 - May 2 
The library, through a generous grant from IPSGA, will be open 24/7 again this spring during the last two weeks of the semester, beginning Sunday, April 22 and closing at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 4.  This is the second year of a three-year pilot project to determine the needs of students for 24/7 study spaces during dead week and finals week.
Another popular service, the Coffee Study Break, will be offered by the Helmke Library and Student Affairs during finals week, Monday-Wednesday, April 30-May 2.  Coffee, snacks, and words of encouragement to our students will be offered by volunteers from across campus.  Faculty or staff who are interested in working a shift at the coffee table, should contact Tiff Adkins in the Library (481-6708 or  It is a great deal of fun, and the students appreciate it very much.
There are many apps that allow you to draw pictures and share them, from basic note-taking apps like Penultimate to the highly addictive game Draw Something.  For teaching purposes, though, you need an app that's easy to use, interactive, versatile, and preferably free!  ShowMe, an interactive whiteboard app, fits the bill exactly.  As you draw on a white screen, screenshot, or photo, ShowMe lets you record not only your drawing process but also your voice.  Whether you explain a simple concept or capture an entire lecture, ShowMe functions like a do-it-yourself Khan Academy.  It also adds social features.  Post your ShowMe presentation to Facebook or just to the ShowMe community, where you can view featured presentations or explore innovative use cases and how-to pages.
Consider using ShowMe to flip your classroom: have students watch your lecture at home so you can utilize class time for practice.  Even better, invite students to create and share their own ShowMe presentations to show subject mastery and to enhance their new media presentation skills.
Open Access De-Mystified
This month begins a series of articles on the Open Access (OA) Movement.  The OA Movement seeks to provide scholarly literature online, free of charge and free of most copyright restrictions.  It is a particularly opportune time to introduce this topic, because the deadline (May 4, 2012) for faculty to submit their 2011 scholarly and creative accomplishments to Opus, IPFW's open access repository, is quickly approaching.  Many Faculty and administrators do not realize that Opus adds IPFW as a participant in a burgeoning OA Movement, and what that means to the dissemination of scholarly literature. More . . . 
New Resources 
IPFW subscribes to Project MUSE, a non-profit provider of digital humanities and social science content.  New titles added to the database include:

Ab Imperio
Ab Imperio is an international humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed journal dedicated to studies in new imperial history and the interdisciplinary and comparative study of nationalism and nationalities in the post-Soviet space. The quarterly journal has been published since June 2000 in  English and Russian. Ab Imperio serves as an international forum for scholars reflecting on historical and contemporary encounters with diversity in composite societies.

Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
The Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness publishes scholarly research on the assessment of student learning at the course, program, institutional, and multi-institutional levels as well as more broadly focused scholarship on institutional effectiveness in relation to mission and merging directions in higher education assessment. JAIE is a publication of the New England Educational Assessment Network, established in 1955 and recognized as one of the leaders in supporting best practices and resources in educational assessment.

FAME Art Exhibition

fameHelmke Library is pleased to once again be hosting The FAME (Foundation for Art and Music in Education) Fusion of Concert Colors exhibition in the second floor Learning Commons.  The artwork, by kindergarten through 8th grade students in northern Indiana, was inspired by Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherazade, First Movement: The Sea and Sinbad's Ship.  2012 marks FAME's 25th year promoting art and music in local schools.


Library People and Accomplishments
Big EventBrandon Bowen, Shannon Johnson, Karen Parkison and Cheryl Truesdell participated with over 600 other IPFW students and staff in the first ever Big Event in the State of Indiana on March 24. The Big Event is the largest one-day, student-led service project in the nation. Volunteers were assigned to one of over 30 local non-for-profit agencies.   The Library Group was sent along with twelve others to the Summit Equestrian Center, a PATH member Therapeutic Riding Center striving to help children & adults of all abilities grow and learn through interaction with horses.   In a drizzling rain, we cleaned up the barn, back pasture, and trail, painted ground rails, saw horses, lockers, and trim, moved gravel and spread grass seed. It was a fun, if exhausting, day and the organization truly appreciated our work.


Beth Overhauser has been appointed to the American Library Association Reference and Users Services Association MARS: Emerging Technologies Hot Topics Committee for the next two years.


Barbara Lloyd will be honored for 25 years of service at the Staff Recognition Luncheon on May 3, 2012, sponsored by the Chancellor's Office, APSAC, CSSAC, and Human Resources.


Daniel Lin and his wife, Christy, celebrated the birth of their first child, Samuel, born on Saturday, April 14, 2012, 7 lbs. 3 ozs. Congratulations, Daniel!
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