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12 July 2011


UPDATE - 2011 Annual minimum wage increases


Before releasing the details - we are ensuring that the information, which is complicated,  about the latest update of the Fair Work Australia wages increases (effective from the first pay period after 1 July 2011)  is correct. 

A separate email will be sent out to all members from Charles Warren, ACWA CEO in the next few days. 



                   Attending the 2007 ACWA Car Wash Convention got us Started

lynch tamworth 

As we were new comers to the industry, the 2007 ACWA Convention was a fantastic introduction and insight to what the Car Wash Industry was all about and what to expect.   We were able to visit many interesting and informative booths, where suppliers could promote their products and answer any questions we had.  By attending this convention, we met a lot of car wash owners and received valuable information by networking with them.  Everyone seemed so open about their businesses and willing to give advice.  We found that extremely helpful and it made us feel so welcome to be part of the Car Wash Industry.  The workshops that were held in the theatre next to the exhibition hall were also very useful and full of valuable information.


When the 2009 Convention was being held - we were opening our carwash site for business and so were unable to attend.   We are really excited to be attending the expo again this year and look forward to catching up with everyone.  It's a wonderful time to catch up, socialise and share stories with people in the same boat.  We also look forward to seeing the latest and greatest in the Car Wash Industry, as we are sure there are a lot of new ideas and products since our last convention 4 years ago.  


What a great way to be bought up to date!

Stephen and Julie Lynch, Car Spa Tamworth


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Recently we reported on how to stop thieves cutting your barrel locks. Paul Hoey from Thomastown, Victoria sent in this photo of a clasp that goes over the lock. He had purchased these lock covers for only US$4.99 from Kleen-Rite in the USA, see here:

(Pro Wash and Shiners import parts from Kleen-Rite so they might have these in stock.)

Thank you Paul  

paul hoey clasp


Richard Holloway, ACWA President QLD

At our site in North Mackay we thought we had reasonable security UNTIL we arrived at the site to find the change machine empty, a hole in the roof and in the wall between the plan room and the office.  The person who broke in cut the telephone cable to the plant room before he started so when the security alarm tried to contact its base there was no line for the signal to travel down.  We recorded 45 minutes of the thief in the plant room and office - he was not concerned about the time.  Unfortunately his face was covered so the police were unable to identify him.  For under $1,000 it is possible to install an addition to many security systems which will allow a mobile phone communication back to the base station to eliminate this problem.  We have now installed it.


Greg Cummins, ACT State Representative

This crime has also happened in Canberra to two carwash operators prompting them to upgrade their alarm systems.

Upon further investigation it has been found that several Carlover sites and some Victorian sites had also been targeted in this way.

If you have been robbed in this manner or in any other way, please inform ACWA so we can warn others of these crimes - email 

Canberra's Vikings Car Wash 

awarded the first "6 Star Water Rating Carwash" 

As Chair of the Sustainable Committee on the ACWA Board, I thought I'd lead by example and reduce the amount of water, chemical and electricity at my carwash by introducing the use of ICE.
Unfortunately, customers complained that it was hard to rinse the car and the ice coming out of the brush made it a bit scratchy!!

right way up ICE 

 Greg Cummins, ACT


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