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May 2011

Western Australia

Carwash Industry Meeting in Perth

ACWA recently hosted a successful WA State meeting in Perth attended by 45 carwash operators and industry suppliers who also stayed for lunch after the meeting.  
  attendees at Perth Meeting april 2011  supplier presenter april WA 

Presentations were made about the Association, the EXPO in October, an update on Industrial Relations, Benchmarking, the Clean Up Australia partnership and promotion opportunities and Supplier Presentations were given by Rick Aitken - Doggy Delight and Matt Birney - Box of Ice. The next Perth Meeting will be in July 2011.

Be Alert

CRIME REPORT - Canberra   

ACT Crime 

Four carwashes in Canberra over the past few months have had their change machines targeted by petty criminals.  


At Classic Carwash Tuggeranong, ACT criminals tried to remove the change machine with crow bars and jammy boards, but to no success.  Unfortunately, they left the change machine looking bent and broken. 


This photo shows Carwash Manager, Terry Cunningham, using his engineering skills to repair the machine back to new by jamming a length of timber under his back wheel and hammering it down against the machine, he was then able to straighten the face plate and weld it to the back plate


If you have been robbed or had malicious damage at your carwash - please report it to ACWA and send in your photos to  

Cloisters Carwash - Mike Mountz 

The ACWA Board Executive recently had the pleasure of meeting Mike Mountz.  Mike is the owner of Cloisters Carwash and lube businesses in America.

  Mike Mountz

He is well known in the States for his marketing and generousity in his local communities.   He has been recognised by the ICA and has received entry into the "Hall of Fame". 


One of the reasons that Mike met with us was to promote his "Grace for Vets" program that he has built up in America.   This is a non-profit organisation to honour returned vets by giving them a free carwash on Remembrance Day (11 November).  



He currently has over 1250 carwashes in America participating in this promotion and was keen to see if New Zealand and Australian car wash operators would like to join in to show our vets that we do care about the sacrifice they have made for us.
I found Mike extremely interesting to talk too.  His knowledge of the industry from motor bikes bays to tunnel washes is extensive.   He owns 4 carwashes with one of them washing over 350,000 cars per year. 

You can view Mike's carwashes at           cloisters logo 


If you have any views or comments on Mikes "Grace for Vets" promotion, please send them to ACWA ACT Board Member  



Keeping you informed 

Latest 2011 issue of WORKPLACE WIRED from ESSA - information on:

  1. 2011 Federal Annual Wage Review
  2. Annual Leave Loading upon Termination
  3. Unions targeting carwash operations in some States
  4. Sub-contractors 


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