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voterVoter ID Debate Set for Tuesday

General File debate on LB 239, a bill to require voters to present identification at the polling place, is scheduled for approximately 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27. Because the issue is controversial and will be the subject of a filibuster, a motion to invoke cloture and cease debate is expected. Under the Legislature's rules, a cloture motion is in order if the presiding officer has determined that full and fair debate has occurred. Generally, this occurs at the eight hour mark. Since the bill has already been debated for two and a half hours, another five and a half hours of debate will be necessary before a cloture motion can be made. Speaker Flood has designated March 27 as a late night, so it is likely to be after 10 p.m. before a cloture vote is taken. If the vote is successful, debate will cease and a vote will be taken on the pending amendment, followed by a vote to advance the bill. Senators will have 15 amendments to discuss, in addition to the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs amendment.


You can watch the live floor debate here


Each day's agenda can be found by clicking on the appropriate date here.  


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taxcutTax Cut Bill Advances without Inheritance Tax Provisions

Lawmakers gave first-round approval to Governor Heineman's tax cut plan on Tuesday. LB 970, as originally introduced, would have eliminated inheritance taxes collected by counties and provided corporate and individual income tax breaks. A Revenue Committee amendment struck the inheritance tax provisions and reduced the amount of tax breaks. During debate, some senators questioned whether tax breaks are appropriate when the state faces a projected shortfall in revenue.


Later, lawmakers also gave second-round approval to the mid-biennium budget adjustment package. Final reading is scheduled for Tuesday, the 50th day of the legislative session.


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snapshotsSnapshots of County Issues 

All bills introduced by the Legislature are assigned to a committee for a public hearing. Committees may choose to report the bill to the floor for debate by the full body of the Legislature.  Bills go through three levels of debate before pasage:  General File, Select File, and Final Reading.  You can find the daily agenda here by clicking on the appropriate date.   


Bills Advanced to General File


The definition of farm home site would be revised by LB 750 in an effort to clarify the types of parcels that can be used for comparable sales in the valuation of certain rural properties. The bill was rewritten and advanced from General File this week. Further technical amendments will be offered on Select File.


On Thursday the Legislature advanced nearly 60 bills from General File using a consent calendar process. Each bill was allowed 15 minutes of debate but most were advanced with little discussion. Numerous bills introduced at NACO's request or with potential impact to counties were advanced, including the following measures.


* LB 1101 would clarify the timeline for electing a county assessor in counties reassuming the assessment function. Existing law requires the vacancy to be filled at the "next election" which could be an election at which candidates are not typically elected.


LB 822, as amended, would eliminate a requirement to show the average level of value of all classes and subclasses of property on change of valuation notices.


* LB 1106 would require a 402P to be filed with county assessors when there is a change of ownership of improvements on certain leased land.


* LB 897 would repeal requirements for the tax list to be prepared by the county clerk in counties over 200,000.


* LB 936 would strike dates related to the termination of inactive townships by a county board.


* LB 823 would harmonize and clarify distribution requirements for county treasurers if school district treasurers do not have a bond on file.


* LB 851 would make the issuance of property tax receipts voluntary, rather than mandatory. Taxpayers requesting a receipt would be provided with one.


* LB 734 would reconcile statutes regarding deadlines for replevin to clearly allow extension of the deadline beyond 20 days if ordered by the court.


* LB 865 would allow jurors to waive compensation for their services.


* LB 881 would specify that if a person is injured during the process of apprehension, the arresting agency would be responsible for medical costs. Existing law does not address whether the arresting agency or the entity housing the injured individual is responsible for those costs.


* LB 722 would authorize fines or costs to be deducted from a bond posted by a defendant.


* LB 899 would provide procedures for a decree of legal separation.


* LB 1126 would grant villages the authority to request extraterritorial jurisdiction over territory up to one-quarter mile outside of the existing one-mile jurisdiction.


* LB 1121 would clarify the process for counting signatures on sanitary and improvement district (SID) recall petitions.


* LB 795 would revise the application process for admittance into veterans homes to allow certain recognized veterans organizations to accept applications. Existing law provides that county veterans service officers must receive such applications.


* LB 740 would allow the issuance of permits to haul hay in loads in excess of existing length limitations. The extended length would mirror requirements in surrounding states but not exceed Nebraska's existing weight limits.


* LB 898 would increase the allowable engine size for minitrucks to accommodate motors used for four-wheel-drive minitrucks.


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