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LB384Single-Commissioner TERC Hearing Bill Advanced from First Round

Appeals to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission (TERC) could be heard by one commissioner pursuant to LB 384, which advanced from General File on Thursday. Hearings would be limited to parcels valued at $1 million or less and would be conducted informally. The terms of all commissioners would end on Oct. 1, 2011 and the panel would be reduced from four to three before new appointments were made.

Counties over 150,000 would have to send preliminary notices of valuation to taxpayers between Jan. 1 and March 1and provide an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting with the county assessor or designee.  An amendment was adopted to require property owners to provide notice of an intent to meet in person by Feb. 1.


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CIRHearing Set on CIR Bill

A Business and Labor Committee amendment to LB 397 will be the subject of a public hearing on Wednesday, April 13 at 12:00 in Room 2102 of the State Capitol.  The bill would make major changes to the collective bargaining process used by public employers and employees. Because many issues remain unresolved, debate on the LB 397 will not occur next week.  Instead, the body will continue General File debate on Monday morning, followed by debate on allowing an additional one-half cent of sales tax as proposed by LB 357.  Bills on Select File will be debated on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Consent calendar will be taken up on Thursday.  Next Friday, April 15, is a recess day. 

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SnapshotsSnapshots of County Issues
Debated on General File


A Judiciary Committee amendment replacing a bill to increase court fees was adopted but the bill failed to advance from the first round of debate.  LB 251, as originally introduced, would have increased court costs by $20 per filing and generated approximately $7 million of revenue.  The Judiciary Committee sent the bill to the floor with an amendment to strike the fee provisions and insert LB 203, which would have allowed a juvenile sentenced to life imprisonment to request commutation.

Passed on Final Reading
A number of bills passed on Final Reading this morning, including LB 342, a bill introduced at NACO's request to change the hours polls are open during drainage district elections.

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