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January 19, 2011
I Need Your Help
You can help me by +1'ing Paradise Real Estate!  What does this mean? You may have seen the +1 (or Plus One) mentioned in search engine articles lately.  It is Google's new way to start the conversation going by one party giving a website their public stamp of approval. If people see that you've +1'd a website they'll take that as it's being a good, and recommended, website. Google is enabling your contacts to find the best places on the web.

To give me the +1, visit my website and you'll see the little box at the upper left hand corner that says "+1."  Click there and we're set!
Thank you in advance!  
Great Tahoe Real Estate Information at Your Fingertips!   
I have added a feature to his website that is like no other South Lake Tahoe Real Estate website.  You can now find data on all homes that have sold in the area over the last 365 days!  Visit reports and select the neighborhood you are interested in. It will show you each home's asking price, selling price, how many days it was on the market and neighborhood average prices.  Check it out!

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Dan Spano
Paradise Real Estate