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In the heart of downtown Stamford, Columbus Park is the destination for those who appreciate fine Italian cuisine.  Columbus Park was voted "Best Italian Restaurant in Stamford" and consistently receives high ratings from food critics



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205 Main Street, Stamford, CT




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Tarantino is a classic Italian restaurant with an innovative twist on traditional Italian food.  Tarantino consistently delivers quality ingredients, skilled cuisine and gracious service.

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30 Railroad Place, Westport, CT



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Nestled in charming Old Greenwich, Applausi Osteria Toscana harks to its origins as a true Tuscan, restaurant serving wholesome, local specialties.  Diners enjoy delicate carpaccis,  nourishing salads, simple cooked meats and fish and truly homemade pastas.  



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199 Sound Beach Ave

Old Greenwich, CT




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The Marchetti Family

Villa Margherita 

available for rent


 Set high on a hill, the views of the entire Umbrian Valley are breathtaking! 




Enjoy stunning sunsets from the patio overlooking the gorgeous infinity pool and surrounding olive groves. Dining al fresco will be the most memorable Umbrian experience with a wood burning oven for pizza and bread and a stone barbecue for grilling meats.  


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           There is a peaceful olive grove near the medieval town of Assisi in the beautiful province of Umbria, Italy.Umbria The soil beneath the grove is rich in minerals, and produces some of the world's finest olives. A bottle of this pure extra virgin olive oil pressed from these olives is available to you as a free gift and for purchase at Columbus Park Trattoria (see end of email).


            The Marchetti family, owners and proprietors of Columbus Park Trattoria, are also the owners of that peaceful olive grove in Assisi. They know that olive oil is a key ingredient in the finest Italian food, and they insist on using only the best extra virgin olive oil to enhance nearly every dish they serve.     


            For this reason, they employ a full-time farmer to tend the trees, so that when the olives are perfectly ripened to a beautiful purple hue, they can be harvested and turned into a rich and fruity olive oil. Only the finest extra virgin olive oil is Bruschettaused at all three of the Marchetti restaurants for drizzling on bruschetta and fresh bufala mozzarella, as a simple yet elegant dip for a crusty piece of Italian bread or focaccia, and as an essential element of many of the restaurants' succulent and savory Italian dishes.


            The Marchetti olive oil is derived primarily from Ogliarolo and Coratina olives, with a few other varietals mixed in. Members of the family actually travel to Italy in November or December each year to participate in harvesting their olives with Antonio, their farmer.


            The olives are gathered by climbing on ladders

In the trees
and using a hand rake to comb each individual branch. They fall onto tarps wound around the base of each tree, and are then gathered up and poured carefully into burlap sacks. The sacks of olives are taken to a mill and crushed by two large granite mill stones.


            The olives go through additional machines for further pressing until the olive oil begins to break free from the olive paste. During this final process, three basic elements emerge: water, olive components and pure extra virgin olive oil, with all of its amazing health benefits. This olive oil is known as "cold press extra virgin" olive oil, because it isOil pouring out extracted simply by pressing.    


            However, the olive components are sold to oil refineries that extract the remaining oil using chemicals and very high temperatures. The olive oils derived from this secondary process are Bottle of extra...inoliveoildecidedly inferior, and lacking in taste and nutrients, and will never be served in Columbus Park Trattoria, Osteria Applausi in Old Greenwich, or Tarantino Restaurant in Westport.


        Come and experience the fruity, full bodied, flavorful private estate "cold press extra virgin" olive oil from our grove in Umbria. Its richness adds a flavor that no other ingredient can match.


Treat a friend or relative to

 a wonderful meal of authentic Italian food at 

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and for every $100 gift card purchased,

you'll get a $20 gift card for you!


Call today 203-434-4734 to order yours






so they may too enjoy authentic Italian food!


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We look forward to welcoming you as a valued guest at one of our restaurants for a flavorful, authentic Italian meal!


The Marchetti Family


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Enjoy a complimentary bottle of 
Marchetti Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Additional bottles available for purchase, 250 ml $9, 500 ml $18


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Columbus Park Trattoria - 205 Main Street, Stamford 203-967-9191  


Tarantino Restaurant - 30 Railroad Place, Westport 203-454-3188


Applausi Osteria - 199 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich 203-637-4447


Valid for one 250 ml bottle of Marchetti Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monday-Thursday, until 1/31/12 with the purchase of an entree.  One per table and valid only at Columbus Park Trattoria.  Coupon must be presented and one per customer, please.

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