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Best Wishes to Dr. Merdis McCarter
Dr. McCarter  
After more than 40 years on the Winston-Salem State University campus, Dr. Merdis McCarter is retiring.  The campus honored her at a recent picnic that included speeches and gifts to recognize Dr. McCarter's many contributions to the university. 
Dr. McCarter, who is retiring as senior associate provost for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Programs, joined WSSU in 1968 as a mathematics instructor. In addition to teaching and serving as chair of the Department of Mathematics, she also was the founding director of the university's Honors Program.  Since 1998,
Dr. McCarter has been involved in WSSU's accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), including serving as chair or co-chair in the 2000 and 2010 processes that led to the university being able to offer master's degrees and then its first doctorate degree.
"Merdis has been such an integral part of Winston-Salem State for so long that it is hard to imagine not seeing her on the campus," said Chancellor Donald J. Reaves. "She has contributed greatly to the academic development of the university and certainly played a major role in the rigorous process of accreditation renewal for many years." 

Whitney Phipps

Wintley Phipps

KR Williams Auditorium
Sun, Sep 23, 2012
3:00 PM 
Tickets available through Ticketmaster and  
Concert proceeds will benefit the scholarship program at Winston-Salem State University.

Cleveland Classic 2012

Tickets available at the WSSU TIcket Office.

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5 Questions for  Siobahn Day
President of the Durham Alumni Chapter

Siobahn DAy
Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a 2005 graduate with a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a master's degree in Information Science. I currently work for North Carolina Central University in the Information Technology Services department currently charged with helping the campus go paperless!

When and why did you become involved with your chapter?
I became involved with the Durham Alumni chapter in 2006. I became involved with the chapter because I was curious to seek what activities they were currently initiating, networking, and most importantly I wanted to give back to the university.

When did you become President and what is the major focus of your chapter?
I became the president of the Durham alumni chapter in 2010. Before becoming president I had also served as Vice-President from 2008-2010. The major focus of our chapter is recruitment of other alumni and also increasing our scholarship giving.

What are some initiatives of the chapter that address this focus?
The current scholarships that are offered through our chapter are through the WSSU Foundation. This means that the foundation works with the scholarship office to find deserving and qualifying students from Durham. This allows us to work on more fund raising and increase chapter scholarships while they find the recipient. It's a joint effort. We also are working on increasing our membership by being more visible. We have a facebook group, a linkedin group, and a website where others can not only find out what we are doing but it also provides more correspondence with one another.

What is the one thing you want to share about the chapter to prospective members?

I would like to share with prospective members that the Durham alumni chapter is comprised of individuals who are diverse, professional, supportive, and kind. The Durham Alumni chapter fosters a great environment for all ages to learn, engage, and have fun.

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Call Program Goal StatusFinish It Off Lovely   

A few years ago, a student used a very interesting phrase to describe a Ram football team's
come-from-behind victory that was quite dramatic. He explained that the Rams took the lead and then "Finished it off lovely" by adding an additional touchdown.  
That concept is also symbolic of what we can do as alumni. We can provide our students with another inspiring story by showing our support as they deal with difficulties resulting from cuts in Financial Assistance.  
That means that as alumni we can "Finish it Off Lovely" by surpassing our goal of 1300 alumni donors for the 2011-2012 year. We only need 60 plus people to show our students what a resounding victory looks like.  Alumni non-donors can also help by providing a gift today.  It's easy to do. Use the link below to make your gift on-line.  
Thanks for your assistance in providing our students with the support they need and a new story to tell. 
Now, help us "Finish it Off Lovely." 

Please feel free to make on-line donations.

WSSU Celebrates 120 Years

WSSU O'Kelly Library
As we prepare to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Winston-Salem State University this year, we thought it would be interesting to ask our alumni to help us tell the school's story through their life experiences whether they were at "TC," "WSS" or "WSSU". We will include some of these stories in the 2012 issues of Archway and also share some excerpts here in Ram Bits. We're calling these stories "Life Reports" and here is an excerpt from one we received recently.

In my life there are some things that just cannot be ranked. My experiences at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) fall into that category. Overall, my collective experiences make me fond of my life as a WSSU Ram.

I will always remember fondly the experiences, people and places that helped to shape my life. I know for certain that I am richer because of each of them. I know that as a public school teacher, I "taught like my hair was on fire" because I wanted to prepare my students to find the platforms from which they could dive in, and come what may, they would be able to swim like hell through the rest of their lives.

CeCe Ava Byers
Magnificent Class of '73


What's your story?    

What are your fondest memories of your days on campus? How has the university impacted your life? What advice would you give to today's students? Let us hear from you and help us share the proud history of our school.

We would like to apologize for the misspelling of Kimberly Stacey's name in the previous distribution of Ram Bits.