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What is your favorite graduation memory?

What is your favorite WSSU memory?

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WSSU Choir Performances
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WSSU Choir Performsat at Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church 
WSSU Choir Performs
at Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church
What's new
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Your friends and fellow alumni want to know! Please send news about your personal and professional life to include such items as new career appointments, promotions, births, marriages, retirements, memorials to alumni, etc. 

Cleveland Classic 2012
 The Kimberley Park Alumni Chapter of the Winston-Salem State University National Alumni Association is sponsoring a bus trip to the Cleveland Classic in which Winston-Salem State University will play Morehouse College of Atlanta Georgia. DETAILS. 

What did you find most interesting  

in the current issue of Archway about  

the history of WSSU?


 WSSU Commencement 2012
Graduation 2012 Ceremony Enjoy the "moments" that make you smile, take you back
and make you proud to be a RAM.
5 Questions for Kimbely Stacey 
President Kuandelea Alumni Chapter 


Kimberly StaceyTell us a little about yourself.
My name is Kimberly Stacey and I finished WSSU in December 1993 majoring in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in mathematics and social studies.  I am currently the assistant principal at a middle school in Davie County. 
When and why did you become involved with your chapter?  
I believe it was around 2000 when I joined Kuandelea. I chose Kuandelea because it was small and everyone was excited about supporting our university.  
When did you become president and what is the major focus of your chapter?  
I became president of Kuandelea in 2006. Our major focus is to provide financial support to the university, to incoming students and matriculating students to WSSU.   
What are some initiatives of the chapter that address this focus? 
We raise money for scholarships through a Christmas Gala and A Little Mr. & Miss Kuandelea Pageant. We also support the 1000 Horns campaign and continue to give to the athletics, the band and choir as needed.   
What is the one thing you want to share about the chapter to prospective members? 
Even though we are a small chapter, we still continue to make a difference at WSSU.
Rams Sprint to the Finish
Call Program Goal Thermometer Runners are often trained to maintain a steady, yet, strong pace for most of their race. WSSU Alumni have utilized a similar strategy for our fiscal year giving effort, maintaining a strong and consistent pace throughout the year.

As a runner heads to the final stretch they often tap into the strength they have in reserve to allow them sprint to the finish line. This "final kick" is what can help them meet their goals and finish the race. Ram Alumni are very familiar with the final kick and also have consistently utilized their reserves to reach a goal.

We are quickly approaching the end of our fiscal year and it is time to sprint to the finish. Collecting unfulfilled pledges will help provide us with the final kick we need to reach our goal of 1,300 Alumni Donors. Individuals who have not paid their Call Program pledges yet are encouraged to do so now and there will be reminder calls beginning the first week of June. Your gift will be greatly appreciated and our students will be the beneficiaries of your generosity.

Join your fellow Rams, as we all kick it in to the finish line at a record breaking pace.


WSSU Loses a Member of the Ram Family
It is with sadness that we announce that Phyllis Smith, a long-time WSSU employee and counselor in the Student Counseling Center, passed away early last Thursday morning.  The funeral service is today, May 21, at 2 pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.