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2012 Call Program
2012 Call Program
Starting in February 2012, WSSU student phonathon callers will start dialing for donations to fund student scholarships!

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How do you keep up with WSSU?
Your fellow alums would like to know.
5 Questions for 
Stephen Joyner

What are you most proud of about the current team?

I would have to be most satisfied with how we are playing right now and the way we have been beating teams. At the beginning of the year, we were not playing 40 minutes of basketball, but just enough to get the win. Now, I can see us getting closer and closer to playing 40 minutes of basketball. I'm certainly proud of our current win streak. We always talk to the team about the way you want to win and we are getting close to that point.


In addition to attending games, how can fans support the team?

We definitely need support for our scholarships so we can continue to recruit talented young ladies and continue to grow this program. The 100 Rams Club and 1000 HORN$ are great ways to help financially and, of course, we always need to see our stands full. 


What is the future of WSSU Women's basketball?

The sky is the limit for us. I tease the young ladies all the time by saying I want people to see WSSU women's basketball the same way they see UConn women's basketball. When UConn rolls into town, there is a certain respect and a certain fear that teams automatically give them. That is something we want for WSSU women's basketball. When an opposing team sees our bus roll up on their campus, we want them to know it is going to be a dog fight that evening.


What is it like to be a coach in a family of basketball coaches?

You know you always are going to get criticism (laughing). The best thing about it, however, is that I always have a shoulder to lean on from someone who  has been through what I am going through at that current time. So, I never have to search too far for help or for an answer. I am just one short phone call away, or a short drive to Charlotte, to sit down with my dad in his living room and pick his brain.


How is the team supported and encourage academically?

Yolanda Childs, LaTaya Hilliard-Gray and Coach Rowls, one of my assistant coaches, are my academic liaisons through our department. They do an outstanding job of making sure that our young ladies have everything they need from books to tutoring and they also monitor study halls and do class checks. I think for what we have  in place and the resources afforded to us, we do a great job in that area. We utilize our assets well and get the most out of every angle we can for our young ladies.

Student Center Construction
Student Center Construction Continues
WSSU Celebrates 120 Years


As we prepare to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Winston-Salem State University this year, we thought it would be interesting to ask our alumni to help us tell the school's story through their life experiences whether they were at "TC," "WSS" or "WSSU". We will include some of these stories in the 2012 issues of Archway and also share some excerpts here in Ram Bits.  We're calling these stories "Life Reports" and here is an excerpt from one we received recently.



My fondest memory of my life while matriculating at Dear old "TC" was the supportive and dedicated teachers who exhibited positive expectations. Because of their caring attitudes, I was propelled to my ultimate achievements. They (teachers) wanted you to be the epitome of what you could be and they gave unselfishly of their time and talents. Who cannot say that they were the best at "Old TC?"
-- Gwendolyn Wallace Terrell (Class of 1960)


What's your story?  
What are your fondest memories of your days on campus? How has the university impacted your life? What advice would you give to today's students? Let us hear from you and help 
us share the proud history of our school.